Shouldn’t Africans be Ashamed to Ask aid to China or India?

If I was an African President or Minister, I'll be ashamed to go to the Chinese government to ask for aid. China government has more people to feed than the whole African continent. It's the Chinese who should be coming to ask our help or migrating here for better life. I'm ashamed to see how little pride we have left in our culture. Are Africans inferior to Chinese? The Read more [...]

Two Nobel Peace Prize Winners Soon In Court

This week a Nobel Peace prize winner bombarded another Nobel Peace prize winner, killing 22 people in a hospital. Obama is Nobel Peace Prize winner 2009, and "Doctors Without Border" is Nobel Peace Prize winner 1999. They called each other liars. That's how Nobel Peace prize winners behave nowadays. Nothing new.. Kissinger is also a Nobel Peace winner. The award Read more [...]

Decolonize Wine in Africa

Apples and grapes grow in South Africa because it's a country occupied by white people who were not indoctrinated by the colonial school. The same for Zimbabwe. Both countries grow and export Apple, grapes, etc. Don't you see a pattern here. Apples and grapes grow only in parts of africa occupied by white people. African farmers on the other hand believed those were not Read more [...]

Africa without Latin Languages

I feel aggressed everyday by those Latin signs and words in display in my city. When you go to China, public signs, public announcements, billboards are all in Chinese. When you go to Russia, public signs, public announcements, billboards are all in Russian. When you go to France, public signs, public announcements, billboards are all in French. I was in Germany, it Read more [...]

How to Give Birth to a Boy?

According to an ancient belief, when a man love and passion for his wife is stronger, the couple first kid would be a boy. If the woman love and passion for her husband is stronger, the couple first kid would be a girl. However, if the man love and passion would diminish, their second baby will be a girl. Similarly, if the woman love and passion would diminish, their Read more [...]

Let’s get married. (Don’t smile)

Here is the only advice I give to my female friends looking for a stable, long term relationship. Ask the guy if he would marry you. Then close your ears (something very difficult for women) and open your eyes widely to watch his body language. If he'd open his hands. First good sign. But not enough. If he'd also open his feet. Second good sign. If he'd not smile broadly Read more [...]

Growing Grapes in the Sahara

The wine industry is 300 billion dollars every year. The French are the first producers. A French got the idea to grow grapes in Senegal, a Saharan country. He was successful. His wine is already on the market. He said the grapes are better in Senegal. The yield too. He wish he could access more water. In Africa, Nigeria is the biggest consumer of foreign wine, Read more [...]

Poetry for Our Children. Healing with Words

If words have power to heal, she knows how to spell them in the right manner, in her books or in real life. Her name is Kawira Njeru. She has written 3 books of poetry and short stories. She from Kenya, currently living in Germany. Her first book "Coming Home" is a nostalgic trip back home to her native village village Ruguta in Kenya, recalling with intensity and emotions, Read more [...]

The Woman Who Cut a Deal With God

In order to survive, she cut a deal with God. God saved her life. Now she has to do her part of the deal. And God is waiting. Her name is Louise Uwacu, a Rwandan genocide survivor, now a writer and TV Show host in Canada. Close to a million people were killed in Rwanda genocide in 1994. Louise Uwacu was among those fleeing to save their lives. Just before the event got Read more [...]