When The Criminals Own The Dictionary

A man got his house robbed. He later caught up with the robber and called him a thief and a criminal. The robber said "I'm not a thief or criminal, I'm an explorer and real estate developer". The man agreed and from then on calls the thief an "explorer and real estate developer". A woman got rapped in a dark street. She later found out who was her rapist. She said to the rapist Read more [...]

African Families Withdrawing their Kids from Schools to Protect them from Racism

A 5 years old, African girl, schooled in an elementary class in Paris came back home crying. Her mother asked what was wrong. She said, at school the teacher was teaching them a new song. While singing the new song the kids have to clap their hands tree times and then put palms down on the leg and say "… and it's all white", supposedly referring to the skin color. The little Read more [...]

Radical Idea: Forbid Advertising to Fix the World Climate Change

Any country which will forbid advertising on its territory will see its greenhouse gases emission diminishes for at least 50% in the subsequent years. Because, the real greenhouse gas responsible for our environment destruction is from our mind, not from the cow ass! In autumn 2013, I attended a European conference on innovation during the Council of Europe summit in Vilnius. Read more [...]

Solidarity for Black Americans

Both of my Grand Fathers were in the US Air Force. One actually flew fighter planes in the second world war against the german army, the Luftwaffe. He was BLACK. In my family there are 6 doctors, one Graduate from M.I.T, and a surgeon to top it off. We are fiercely proud of our achievement. I lived in an all-Black American upper middle class neighborhood where my neighbors and Read more [...]

World Climate Change and Black People

The most respected scientists in the world now acknowledge that the western civilization has damaged our planet so badly that human existence on planet earth is threatened. The magazine Nature wrote "Climate change is already beginning to transform life on Earth. Around the globe, seasons are shifting, temperatures are climbing and sea levels are rising. And meanwhile, our planet Read more [...]

Ebola and Africa Renaissance

14th century AD. Europe was still plunged in the dark age. The only two books known to the larger public were the Bible and a compilation of texts earlier stolen in Egypt, but known in Europe as the books of Aristotle*. The church was supreme, all aspects of life were interpreted either through mysticism, or explained by the will of God. Famine, widespread women rape, cannibalism, Read more [...]

Too Many White People on My TV

In 2007, I clashed with the employees of a money transfer company in the 18th area of Paris, near the Red Windmill place, also known as Moulin Rouge - a touristic place full of flesh temptations, danger, lust and sex. I used to go that agency to send money to my family back home. Like myself, most of the clients of the agency were Africans. Still, every time I go there I don't Read more [...]

The Reality of Racism

Black people should ignore white people view on racism. Most don't know what is racism. For a majority of them, racism exists without racist white people carrying out the violence of racism. And, for a much bigger majority talking about racism is just another intellectual debate not much different from their last comments on TMZ about Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton nude pictures. Read more [...]

The Book Which Ended Our World, and Started Theirs

In the 13th century, the 3 richest places in the world were China, the Middle east (Iran, Irak) and Africa (The golden Empire of Mali with Mansa Musa). When the Mongols arrived in Europe in the 13th century, after conquering China and the Middle East, they found a continent which was very poor, plunged into the Dark Age, ravaged by famine, with most its nations fighting and Read more [...]

She Was Happy I did Not Recognize Her

It's almost a year, I've moved back home after close to 15 years abroad. Here, I've chosen a lifestyle which puts me in touch with ordinary people, as I eat at the same places like most, I take the same crowded taxis, and I spend a good amount of time walking the streets and markets in order to feed my mind with rough reality of life, without safe nets. I've made lot of new Read more [...]