Why White Families Teach Racism to Their Kids?

Because racism makes their kids life better. We have to understand White people! There is a fairly dramatic dilemma for the majority of white people when it comes to fighting racism. Simply because in the world we live now all white people benefit from racism, and the caste system behind racism is profitable, and quite comfortable for them. If you are white, you are better Read more [...]

Why Africans Need to Make More Babies – Part 1(Starter)

When the US got independent on July 04, 1776, they had a population of less than 3 millions and now has over 300 millions inhabitants.In 1770, African-Americans were more than 21% of the US population. In 1990 they represented only 12%. During the same period, in 1770 White people represented 78% of the US population, but in 1990 they were over 80% of the US population. The Read more [...]

Another Europe? No, Thanks!

Africans who want to develop Africa by changing it to be and look like Europe or US, completely lack ambition. Not only do they lack ambition, they are also lazy scum intellectuals! It's like women who want to become like men to make sense of their life, while in fact women are already a superior version of men in the first place. Europe and America development were Read more [...]

Leaderless Revolution!

They have bought all our leaders. The smartest amongst us work to reinforce the system that oppress us. The most powerful among us are hooked by the vanity of celebrity and fame, and sold out. The few who are conscious are still distracted by the number of mistresses they have to manage, the empty conference they have to attend, and the endless time spent in bars! Those who Read more [...]

Mammoth Startups won’t favour Africa!!!

'It's not always about the numbers, few with achievable ideas matters.' -Mike Aboagye, Technology Journalist 21st century is certainly the ‘age of technology’. Not less than Ninety  startups or tech hubs are likely to be found in Africa . However, the big question is whether or not majority of startups would favor Africa come next five years or beyond. Are we going Read more [...]

Criminals in the Success literature

When you take a deep look at the richest countries and the wealthiest people in the world, you suddenly notice a profound pattern. The richest countries are those which committed the most genocides, crimes and violence, and the wealthiest people are in majority the descendants of the people who benefited from those crimes. The world caste system is a pyramid with the criminals Read more [...]

Africa: Here is some free money, Take it!

Do you know that the European Union is giving money to farmers in Africa to grow cacao and coffee? Africans don't drink coffee nor eat much of chocolate, but have to dedicate huge part of their lands to grow those cash-crops instead of food-crops to feed their kids. Now ask yourself, why White farmers in Africa don't grow cacao and coffee, because there are lot of white farmers Read more [...]

I’m afraid of NGOs, Really!

China lifted 800 millions people out of poverty during the last 30 years without all the mambo-jambo falseness and posture of the humanitarians and NGOs. It's the biggest and the fattest reduction of poverty ever in history of humanity. Even in Africa, reduction of poverty is a derivative of the Chinese growth, not any NGOs work. The failure of the NGOs' model plagued with Read more [...]

Ten Questions with Africa’s Struggling Billionaire!

Asked why she opted for the name "Struggling Billionaire ” as her assumed name, Thato remarked , ‘ As for my assumed name, there aren’t enough African billionaires. Hence, I decided I’d just add myself to the list because although I’m rich, my bank account doesn’t know it yet.’        Anzisha Prize, which seeks to award young entrepreneurs in Africa, who by Read more [...]

Ampion Storms Africa : Interview with Fabian Guhl ( Founder Of Ampion)

Ampion Bus Venture, an initiative of   AMPION   -  a  non-profit entrepreneurs support organization - which provides a rare opportunity for entrepreneurs all over the African continent to pitch their ideas to selected investors and network with other entrepreneurial mindset. Moreover, it serves as a perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs to globalize and develop their business Read more [...]