Ten Questions with Africa’s Struggling Billionaire!

Asked why she opted for the name "Struggling Billionaire ” as her assumed name, Thato remarked , ‘ As for my assumed name, there aren’t enough African billionaires. Hence, I decided I’d just add myself to the list because although I’m rich, my bank account doesn’t know it yet.’        Anzisha Prize, which seeks to award young entrepreneurs in Africa, who by Read more [...]

Ampion Storms Africa : Interview with Fabian Guhl ( Founder Of Ampion)

Ampion Bus Venture, an initiative of   AMPION   -  a  non-profit entrepreneurs support organization - which provides a rare opportunity for entrepreneurs all over the African continent to pitch their ideas to selected investors and network with other entrepreneurial mindset. Moreover, it serves as a perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs to globalize and develop their business Read more [...]

European Caste System

I feel a lot of pain each time I visit Europe or the US. I see African people victim of widespread racism, kept in "good-for-black-people" low status jobs or elevated into false stardom with some minority quota or nice-to-have. The few successful professionals are not enough to hide the harsh reality of millions of people crushed by daily racism, a caste system ideologically Read more [...]

Body in Africa, Mind in Europe

I'd forbid CNN, BBC, RFI and all the propaganda medias in Africa. PERIOD. I'd follow the Singaporian route traced by Lee Kuan Yew. If a media doesn't have ground operations in Singapore as registered company, with local journalist, they won't have a licence to broadcast locally, because as he said journalism is politics continued by other means. The damage the foreign medias Read more [...]

Confiture de Dijon

In the early year of  1970, when the first university opened in Togo, a french confiture and jam company from Dijon in Burgundy was the provider of jam to the University restaurant for students' breakfast. However, the cost of importing jam from France was huge, and the university worked with the Benedictine Monastery of Zogbegan in Togo to produce local confiture and jam Read more [...]

How brainwashed are you?

Here is an easy way to check if an African has been completely brainwashed to the point to have a white ghost in his or her mind. It's a simple test, and it starts with a question like follows: "Close your eyes. Now image, You have been invited to an important meeting and you are sitting at a wide and big table with 10 wise men and women. Look at the face of the people Read more [...]

Black Inventors, Crafting Over 200 Years of Success

Did you know that Ghanaian Kofi Afolabi A. Makinwa pioneered inventions in computers with over 50 patents mostly assigned to Phillips, while the Nigerian Samuel Ayodele Sangokoya has over 50 chemical processes patents assigned to Albamarle Corporation? Black Inventors, Crafting Over 200 Years of Success, is a groundbreaking book that highlights the inventions by people of Read more [...]

The Future of Taxis : Interview with Neil du Preez (of Mellowcabs )

‘I have always been interested in public transportation, and what it can mean for the individuals and the economy . ’ said  Neil du Preez,  Founder & Chief  Executive Officer of Mellowcabs, South Africa. Mellowcabs, an advertising and transportation company , based in cape town, is the brainchild behind the frantic revolution of the transportation Industry in South Read more [...]

Three Deaths Of An Idol

As this smoke from this burning house we call South Africa clouds my vision, I persevere on, armed with pen in hand as I pour all the weight of hurt from my heart with a sincere hope that sharing this pain will mitigate my country's sadness. At times I wonder why African knees are so weak that we can barely stand next to these idols without kneeling before them. Are we as a race Read more [...]

We have to Rely on our Brains Not Minerals. Interview with Panafricanist Femi Akomolafe

Femi Akomolafe is a computer engineer with a successful movie production studio in Accra. He is also a well known essayist and writer, passionate panafricanist, who recently published two books, which compile the best of his thoughts and articles published over the recents years about the struggle of the African people to free themselves from europeans violence. The two books Read more [...]