How Democracy is Failing Leadership around the World

Leadership is not about what is expected, but what is needed. Vision could not be a matter of a majority vote, because most people don't think beyond their immediate interest or impulse. Leadership based on popularity contest works only for people with money, criminals, and puppets with the right profile. Reason why electoral democracies rarely have good leaders, because Read more [...]

White Tourist in Africa

"African goes to Europe and takes the best pics around nice buildings, beautiful parks, nice restaurants etc to boast around his people back in Africa. On the other hand European goes to Africa and ignores the nice buildings, beautiful parks, nice restaurants and goes straight to the poorest area he can find, takes photos and shows them back to Europe to satisfy the obsession Read more [...]

SiliconAfrica Closing? No, We need Your support

Dear, Friends and SiliconAfrica Readers We have launched an Indiegogo campaign to support our work. Unlike commercial websites or blogs, We are not in the business to please advertisers in order to make money but to change lives in Africa, to empower our people to become self-reliant, to improve ordinary people lives through courage and entrepreneurship. Here is a link to the Read more [...]

Good people make good political systems

An institution created by the devil could look nice, but the intention behind it would be bad. In the end it'll hurt regardless. The world doesn't suffer from a lack of good ideas. Our world suffer from a lack of enough good people in power and in civil society. There are lot of people who are ready to fight for democracy if they have something to gain from it. There are equally Read more [...]

Who will win?

Bad people meet each other at least 3 times a week to strengthen their bond and coordinate their ideas and plans. Good people meet each other less than 3 times a year, and spend the rest of time fighting each regarding the grammar of their sentences. Read more [...]

WHO educated you in the first place?

When it comes to education, the question is not "how much educating did you get?" But more importantly about "WHO educated you in the first place". A guy with a Phd degree delivered by a Monkey, is no more intelligent than a girl with a primary school certificate delivered by her hard working mom or father! Never trust anyone tooting his or her diploma as a proof of legitimacy. Read more [...]

Adopt A Startup : A New Approach to Sustain African Startups.

Starting a startup in Africa , whether in the technology sector or not, substantial amount of funding or support is needed to make one’s idea meaningful or productive. Without such funding, it is advisable not to venture into entrepreneurship. However, against the backdrop of lack of satisfiable funding for startups in Africa,  AMPION   – a non-government organization Read more [...]

The Sad Fate of the American Empire!

It's unfortunate but likely that the Western Civilization will go down into history with the same reputation as the Mongol empire. Like the Mongols they will be remembered for their cruelty, savagery and extreme violence against all the people and population they have conquered. Like the Mongols, they pride themselves on their military superiority and ability to afflict Read more [...]

You are not like other Africans!

There are some people out there who require us to be silent about our suffering and condition in order for them to like us. They expect us to forget our history in order for them not be feel uncomfortable. They are ready to accept us and work with us only if we have no solidarity with our fellows African whom they look at with contempt, condescendence and superiority. They Read more [...]

Doors of perception

One of the most eyes openning book I ever encountered is "The doors of perception" of Aldous Huxley. The main take away is that intelligence and knoewledge are not inside the individual, or a property of the individual, but all depend on whether the curtains between the individual and the outside world has been lifted or not. If the doors of perceptions are not opened, people Read more [...]