Speaking French Hurts Your Happiness

The list of the happiest countries and the unhappiest countries in Africa is out. All Top 10 Unhappiest countries in Africa are in "Francophone" Africa. Not a single Francophone country is in the top 10 Happiest. Speaking French Hurts Happiness. Maybe that's the reason why 8 out 10 of countries with the lowest adult literary rate in the world are in francophone Africa. Read more [...]

Why there no tribe in Europe, but only in Africa?

We have to careful about the words we use. Let's take the example of the word "tribe". During a recent discussion I've asked my fellow Africans "if there are tribes only in Africa?" They all replied "No". Then I asked them to give me the name of few European tribes. They were unable. Some pointed me to ancient Germanic tribes. In fact, for Europeans "tribe" is Read more [...]

Why so Ungrateful? How African Nations helped South Africans to end Apartheid

In 1957, Miriam Makeba, the Grammy Award-winning musician from South Africa also called “Mama Africa,” recorded in the United States Pata Pata, the most recognizable African song in the world. At the time, most of the African continent, except two or three countries, was still under European occupation. Miriam Makeba used her newly-found popularity to speak out against Read more [...]

Killed by White Supremacy

RIP Brothers and Sisters Victims of criminal organizations like NATO, White supremacy, and all heartless capitalists aided by the World Bank, the IMF, the UN apparatus, the EU, and You ordinary citizen working for those who are damaging our world. We don't need your sympathy. We don't need your cry. We don't need help.  We need Justice. If we don't have the courage Read more [...]

Aggression of Christian Nations Against Africa

Libya was the most advanced African country until 3 years ago when a coalition of christian countries military forces organized in NATO bombarded the country back to stone age under the false claim of bringing them democracy, like the same Christian countries destroyed the whole Africa continent centuries ago under the pretense of bringing them civilization. The majority of African Read more [...]

Never Lecture Africans, If You are …

We are not whining. We are developing awareness for the mass to know who are our enemies, disguised in friends. Our anger is not against you, it's a step in our awakening. Never lecture Africans if you are one of the descendants of those who had raped our ancestors to provide you with the privileges you have today. Keep your lecture to you yourself. We are already very Read more [...]

Humans Living in Small Boxes in Amsterdam

What is sad for Africans living in Europe or America is to be confined to few small boxes like diversity, integration, aid, discrimination, Africa. They are either object of hate or pity. No one trusts their brain to think about anything else. Few have succeeded to escape those boxes, but what a limited life. Since I moved back to Africa I, often, wondered how did Read more [...]

Fooled by Rationality in my Bathroom

The rational part of the brain is the one, the brain shuts down first, when it has to deal with big decisions or critical situations. Why? Because, rationality is a very weak and unreliable tool, developed mainly for the purpose of deception, and education. It is a limited tool which can not deal with large amount of data. It processes data too slowly, and often leads Read more [...]

My Thoughts on Phobias…and the Xenophobia Taking Place in South Africa

Growing up in South Africa, I was always reminded by those around me that I was different to everyone else. In primary school, I had a much darker complexion than I do now, and super white teeth – the telling marks of a foreigner that betray you even when you put on your best English accent. It is just too obvious. My name is Lovelyn Chidinma Nwadeyi. I am a Nigerian. Born Read more [...]

The International Development Mafia

If we don't have the courage to STOP the international development Mafia in the names of the World Bank, the IMF, the UN development apparatus, Europeans Investment Bank, etc. ... More Africans will continue to die in the Mediterranean Sea. Africa is not poor. Africa has everything to feed its kids and help the entire world. All the work of Africa is shipped to America Read more [...]