Lithuania: We didn’t have colonies to loot!

A week ago, I arrived to Paris from Lithuania, a small east european country.Part of the AirFrance bus route to the center of the city goes through one of the coziest and wealthiest area of Paris. My friend from Lithuania can't stop being marveled about the immoderate display of wealth and great life standards. At a point I've asked her, won't you like Lithuania to be like that?She Read more [...]

Medias: We don’t lie, We just don’t tell it All

The problem with mainstream medias like BBC, RFI, CNN, etc. is not that they are lying all the time or broadcast false information. The problem is "what" they choose not to talk about. The problem is "people" they choose Not to invite. The problem is the "way" they frame the information The problem is that they are "owned" by an elite which use them to attack enemies and Read more [...]

Historical Consequences of Monotheism

Monotheism is one of the most dangerous ideology humanity has ever faced. Monotheism is even more dangerous than fascism, nazism, and apartheid because it looks benign in the surface and most people even don't realize how it deeply affects the way they think and the way they behave in their daily life. First, monotheist societies are the most violent, and they are the ones Read more [...]

Africa: We don’t want aid. Please keep it for your local poor!

Africa: We don't Want Aid. Thanks. Europe: No, No you don't understand you need Aid. The most fierce defendants of Aid to Africa are now mostly non-africans, while most africans are asking to stop it. Take the example of one small east african nation Eritrea. They declared self-reliance and shut all NGOs and relief organization offices. They refused to accept aid. Since Read more [...]

We Can’t find Enough Psychopaths for Management Positions

Many Big companies are complaining they can't find enough psychopaths for management positions. People like Jack the neutron! According to Psychology Magazine, there are only 3% of psychopaths in any given society. Now finding from that tiny pool those who are educated, well groomed, and know how big business trickery works, is becoming a daunting task for head hunters! Psychopaths Read more [...]

One illusion at a time

In his book "Illusions", the author of the best seller novel "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" shared the following story (dramatized by myself). One day, a prophet appeared in a god fearing village and claimed he was a messenger from God, and he has a message to deliver to them. Suddenly, the whole village got quiet and start listening to the old, seemingly wise man. "God Read more [...]

The Rise of Racism in Europe is Good for Africa, and here is Why!

Many africans in the diaspora returned to Africa because of the daily racism they face, and the lack of opportunity for them because they are black. Many started their business, because of the ceiling glass, and lack of career perspective because of their skin color. Many africans activists I know became activists, because they can't bear anymore the poison of racism, exclusion Read more [...]

The Dark Side of the European Union

Beyond the handouts of free money to few people in the elite as corruption tool, the EU is an imperialist organization. The EU is the Union of European countries. The AU is the Union of African countries. Tomorrow, there will be an EU-Africa Summit in Brussels. Now here comes how rogue the EU is. 1. The EU refused the meeting to be between EU-AU, because the EU doesn't Read more [...]

Shall Francophone Africa PERISH, Let it Be!

Two months ago, after I've released the article depicting how "14 African Countries are Forced by France to Pay Colonial Tax For the Benefits of Slavery and Colonization", I've received an overwhelming support from all over the world, beyond my wildest expectations. The article is now translated in 8 languages. I've received a book writing proposal from Malaysia, a documentary Read more [...]

Worrisome: African Immigrants Invading the whole World!

I'm tired of all the stupid things people are saying about African immigrants invading europe, or other countries. That's far from truth. (I've written a previous post on the subject: The Truth about Africa Immigration: Where do they Go?) Look europeans, they are the most populous ethnic group in the world compared to their original habitat (Europe). Because of lack of Read more [...]