A bloody blessing Let the pain sink in deep. The strong, the deep learning. Bitter pain heal me for ever! Pain, pain torments me I'm a wood, you are a fire Burn me to ground. Burn me to the ash. Leave nothing of me. Leave nothing of whom I was before. No love I deserve. Don't listen to my cry Pity none of my supplication Make no sense of my words. Burn Read more [...]

Europeans Violence in Africa

For the last one month and half, I was living in a small village in the deep south east part of Togo. I often hung out with nearby folks. One night, the weather was great and many people were out include few white people. After sharing some drinks with my usual folks, and up to head back home, I said to a buddy "These white people are really nice people". To my statement Read more [...]

Colonial Tax: How France Still Gets Away With This in Africa?

Last week, During 5 days, I have UNsuccessfully tried to do a bank transfer from Togo to China in order to buy few materials we need to build housing prototype for people living in rural areas. The French institution which manages the currency for its colonies in Africa (BCEAO) has set tons of red tape to restrict the transfer of foreign currency like Euros, Dollars outside of Read more [...]

Automatic Irrigation System for Village

Today is the 10th day we have successfully tested a simple but automatic irrigation system for a young farmer in the village. The test was done with 8 sprinklers. Things worked well, but we need final adjustments. The system will help produce vegetables during the hot season for the village consumption and sales in big cities. For this hot season we will install about 40 Read more [...]

What Separates Good Teacher from Bad Ones?

In 1989, a rare event happened in my life. I was in my 9 years of school. It was in a small village in Southeast Togo. I was in trouble. A year earlier, in 1988, the school had to take a decision regarding my passage to next year class. I was the best pupil in almost all disciplines except in mathematics. My bad mathematics skills compromised my qualification, but the school Read more [...]

When it’s free, Your are the Product

Two young fishermen were spending time together at the bank of a big lake, trying to catch fish when they suddenly saw an old man in a small canoe navigating slowly until a calm corner of the lake. The old man stopped his canoe, took something from a bag and start spreading it over the lake. In fact, the old man has prepared a special farina which the fishes like. He spread Read more [...]

Go Where Twitter and Facebook Couldn’t Go

In the village I'm living in since one month, I' m the only person who knows what is the Internet and use it on daily basis. Globally, 60% of the world population don't have access to the Internet. In Africa from a country to another 90% of our populations have no access to the Internet. If you want to change the world, you have to go where Twitter or Facebook couldn't go. Read more [...]

ABOC Directory: Connecting Black Business Owners to Worldwide Consumers

On September 24, 2012, a civil rights organization for Africans in the United States, NAACP, published a report which stated: “Currently, a dollar circulates in Asian communities for a month, in Jewish communities approximately 20 days and white communities 17 days. How long does a dollar circulate in the black community? 6 hours!!! African American buying power is at 1.1 Trillion; Read more [...]

Ebola Diamonds

What do Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea have in common? Strangely enough more than just Ebola. Western Liberia is part of an Archaean age craton which spreads into Sierra Leone and Guinea. This type of rock strata is full of diamondiferous kimberlites. What makes the diamonds of Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia so special is that this is one of the rare regions in the world Read more [...]

The “Invisible Empire”: Interview with Panafricanist PD Lawton

I've got to know PD Lawton 9 months ago after an Interview with People's Voice TV, on how France was forcing 14 African Countries to Pay Colonial Tax For the Benefits of Slavery and Colonization. Since then we've kept in touch, and exchanged quite a lot of information about our beloved continent. He is the one who pointed me to the "Terra Nullius" law used by colonial powers Read more [...]