Don’t Call them Expats, They are Immigrants like Everyone Else

In the international migrations vocabulary, there are still lot of remanent of the western white supremacy ideology, where hierarchical class of words are created to different white people from the rest of humanity, mostly with the purpose to put white people above everyone else. One of those remanent word is "Expat". What is an expat? and Who is an Expat? According Read more [...]

Why is it So Dark in Africa?

When I was kid, we used to go to a saturday night market in my village. Well, I'm a village boy, born in a small village in the center east part of Togo. We didn't have electricity nor tap water. There was a hill not far away from our home, where in the morning we could see a colony of monkeys jumping, parading, noising, playing. Sometime our big uncle would go to bribe the Read more [...]

Wars in Africa Explained to a Beautiful French Girl in Paris

When I was living in Paris, few years ago, I was lucky to spend time with some of the most gorgeous girls in town. I never knew before my life in Paris, that intelligence could be such a strong aphrodisiac on some of the most beautiful girls eyes could admire. Well, You must say, I'm bragging, but let's me continue a little bit my story because the subject of the day is a serious Read more [...]

Why They Continue to Celebrate Christopher Columbus?

Not All Europeans are Christopher Columbus but his genocide and violence gave an entire continent to Europeans to go to live in with all the resources there. America is now a European continent, taken away from the original people who have been exterminated or now parked in reserves. Thanks to whom ...? Not All Europeans are Colonizers of Africa or salves traders but slave Read more [...]

How Much Money Do You Need to Live in Togo

Life is very expensive in Africa. Yesterday, I spent the day with 2 friends having fun. Drinking beers, talking about girls, complaining about politics, strategizing ways to make big money :). Obviously men talk. While we were sitting over there in the bar enjoying our next bottles of beers and laughing hard, it hit my mind to ask my friends how much does it cost to live Read more [...]

A Perfect Cultural Misunderstanding

A story said: A young western Africa immigrant in France was struggling to find a job. Regardless of the help he got from friends and compassionate strangers, he just couldn't make ends meet. It has been months he never stopped going to places looking for any kind of job he could get. But unsuccessfully. He was running out of options when he met an indigenous french in Read more [...]

What Ancient Europeans think about Africans in Antiquity

The widely-anticipated biblical epic Exodus: Gods and Kings has recently been banned in Morocco, a move which prompted a similar response from the Egyptian government. According to the Gaber Asfour, the Egyptian culture minister, the film is shrouded with historical inaccuracies, scenes which ‘totally contradict historical facts.’ Asfour goes further, suggesting that the film Read more [...]

You are not Black: Keep Racism Out of Your Identity

If you identify yourself as White, it literally means you are racist. Because white is not a skin color, but an ideology invented in Europe and used to indoctrinate Europeans to believe in a theory of human races classification which ends up with white supremacy or the superiority of population designated as white over other populations in the world. There was no white person Read more [...]

Words from SiliconAfrica Readers

Isn't SiliconAfrica like any other blog? No. We are not in the business to please advertisers in order to make money but to change lives in Africa, to empower our people to become self-reliant, to challenge the state quo. We received hundreds of messages every months from all around the world giving us hope and faith in our endeavor. Here below are few of them. "I have never Read more [...]

Lessons from The ‘Visible Man’ In Silicon Valley

‘The fact of the matter is, there are a lot of qualified people of  colour out there, who can and should be working in the technology industry.’ – Drummond, David (Snr. Vice President Of Corporate Development at Google). Apart from China, America is arguably the second fastest growing financial and political powerbase in the world. It is totally dominated by white Read more [...]