Impossible Decolonization

Colonization is not possible without physical domination. Physical domination always precedes colonization. That is the reason why the core competency of the West is Violence: acquiring tools for effective violence against other nations and people to take what is not theirs in the first place, to build their wealth and status. Therefore, you can not decolonize if you can not Read more [...]

This Is NOT Africa!

Have you already heard of the expression "This is Africa"? Meaning, the mess you see out there, the corruption, the irresponsibility, the unprofessionalism and the failure of our current institutions and leaders represent the real Africa; and You, outsider or visitor, have to accept it, adapt to it or die! Let's me tell you something. The Africa you are seeing or reading Read more [...]

Everything Reacts

56 days ago, I was with my friend in the main fruit market in Lomé. It's called Gbadago Market. It's a big market where you can find all seasonal tropical fruits displayed with ingenuity by colorful ladies whose only marketing tools is their soft and prolonged gaze when you pass along their fortunate shelf. The sidewalk of that market is really beautiful for me. In fact, Read more [...]

Food for mind

The Mind likes raw data as the body likes raw food. The more raw food you eat, the healthier your are. The more raw data you feed the mind, the more self-confident you become. Books, magazines, movies, reports and studies are "processed information" for the mind as canned and manufactured food are "processed food" for the body. The more processed food you eat, the unhealthier Read more [...]

In Asia No Economical Miracle!

Many Africans admire Asia economical development during the last 30 years, but have only scant ideas about how it has been achieved. They admire China self-reliance, but fail to notice that China has banned all foreign propaganda channels (BBC, CNN, RFI, etc.) in their country, and have restricted access to foreign datamining tools like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. While championning Read more [...]

Books Recommendation: Cultural DNA Deciphers 

The following 2 books represent the frontier of ideas in psychology, politics and social sciences. I read them more than once, and still consulting them on regular basis. 1. - "Spiral Dynamics" of Don Beck. This book presents the DNA of human consciencenss and social codes. The ideas and tools in the book could be used to decipher the cultural DNA of an individual or a Read more [...]

The Smart Migration: The green attraction

  All smart people I know are moving out of cities, heading back to small towns or villages. These are generally people over 40 years old who either have been wore off by the system, or have lost all illusion about the promises of the capitalist system. Young people don't have much choice. They have to move to big cities. Capitalism needs fresh blood and new naives Read more [...]

Conversation with our people

During the last two weeks I was eating only in restaurants and bars in Lomé. I'm living like a homeless. I'm doing some experiments with my life which lead me to live unintentionally without electricity during the last 12 days, and spend most of my time with people on the street, chatting and exchanging with men and women I won't have ever met or encountered in any other way. This Read more [...]

TickiAir To Ease Ticketing Stress In Africa.

‘We have toyed around with ideas such as bomb detection app to address Boko Haram’s attacks in Nigeria until we settled on and TickiBus.’ – Felix Tetteh  (Co-founder of TickiLabs).   Forthnight ago, Silicon Africa sat down with Felix Tetteh, a former product of Ashesi University College in Ghana as well as Babson College(Boston)  and African Leadership Read more [...]

Why White Families Teach Racism to Their Kids?

Because racism makes their kids life better. We have to understand White people! There is a fairly dramatic dilemma for the majority of white people when it comes to fighting racism. Simply because in the world we live now all white people benefit from racism, and the caste system behind racism is profitable, and quite comfortable for them. If you are white, you are better Read more [...]