White Feminists Don’t Care About Black People struggle

A friend of mine posted the link underneath, complaining about the fact that a new staff of some Dutch Tv station is mainly white. Among comments replying on that complaint, I found this: "(...) gelukkig wel vier vrouwen, niet teveel tegelijk willen. Stap voor stap." Translated to: . Which sums up to perfection why one can't be anti-racism activist and feminist at the Read more [...]

Truth is DEAD

(Philosophical stroll) The success of a system comes less from how well the system is built. It comes more from the system ability to limit interferences from external elements. Building a system focusing mainly on its function - what the system should do - would lead to failure, because it would break down often, because of negative interference, internal or external. In Read more [...]

Black Man: Be Careful to Marry a White Feminist

Under the current socioeconomic paradigm of racism, It's no secret that Black men are needy. Be not fast at crucifying me. By that, I mean, the system of racism functions in a way to have colored people economically weak and lacking confidence. Double standards in justice, discrimination at finding jobs, education when it comes to Blacks, aren't my inventions. We will agree that Read more [...]

Why African families give European Names to their Kids?

I'm ashamed... I lived in Europe for 15 years. I have seen Europeans dancing African dances. I've seen Europeans singing African songs. I've seen Europeans eating African food. I've seen Europeans having sex with Africans. But I've never seeing them giving African names to their kids. African names are so inferior and savage that we need superior European names to become Read more [...]

The Scramble for Europe Had just Begun

The immigration of the Poor to Europe is only beginning. Unless Europe would build walls, all around, millions of poor from Asia and Africa would find a way or another to get in. Nothing could stop them. Death or guns can't. Migration is something natural. Animals always move from the place with less food to the place with more food. The same for humans. When Europeans Read more [...]

A Secret of the Catholic Church

Technology does not compound very well, which means technology assets do not give long term advantage, and barely protect from shocks. Google did not buy Altavista assets to become a market leader. (Altavista was the biggest search engine before Google came out of the wood). Facebook did not buy Friendster or MySpace to become a market leader. They just obliterate the previous. Automobile Read more [...]

Operation Kita: How to reclaim African power

There's not one week that goes by without a serious reminder of the immense challenges confronting Africa and all afro-descendents around the world. From African migrants drowning at sea by the thousands in the Mediterranean, to the powerlessness of African armies to effectively thwart the onslaught coming from various savage Islamic militants, to the pillage of our economic resources, Read more [...]

You have the wrong name

In recent years, Singapore had become a heralded model, sought out to be emulated in many countries in Africa. Some countries are even touted as the Singapore of Africa. Our Presidents and ministers who usually do not read, had been summoned to read the father of Singapore independence, Lee Kuan Yew, 400+pages memoirs. Many did not move further than the introduction, the Read more [...]

BitMari: Bitcoin Based Remittance Startup for Africa

Every year, African send 45 billions dollars back home, to support their family and create jobs. Unfortunately, 8 to 15% of that money is lost to transfer fees, which represents more than 5 billions dollars. That's a lot of money which goes to companies like Western Union or Moneygram, instead of helping build more hospitals, schools or alleviate poverty in our villages. Read more [...]

Get Angry. Hate your Enemies!

Don't be afraid to get angry. If the circumstances require your anger, Get angry and express it. You don't need anyone permission. Don't be afraid to say you hate some people or events. If the circumstances require you to hate, let the feeling be and express it fully. You don't need anyone permission. African people had been cornered and summoned to never express Read more [...]