African Elite: I can’t speak, I need my job

In the United States, over 70% of Black people work for White people. In Europe, this number is close to 100% of Black people working for White People. In Africa, educated Africans with a university degree are over 70% working for white people owned/controlled companies or NGOs. Slavery has been abolished, but majority of black people labor still go to enrich white people Read more [...]

Occupy Europe

When the topic of wealth inequality make the news, the leaders often focus on the damage of 1% of the population owning over 90% of the wealth in their country. It's called the tyranny of the 1%, and leads to movements like "Occupy Wall street" in New York or "Occupy The City" in London. From another perspective, the perspective of the people from exploited countries, when Read more [...]

‘KwaMoja’ to Ease Corruption In African Hospitals

‘Kwa Moja’ is a fork of a webERP open source project which is dedicated to cater for order processing , inventory management and general accounting.’ – Tim Schofield (Owner of Kwa Moja)   Corruption in Africa is nothing new to citizens of Africa. There have been several occasions where millions of dollars have gone ‘AWOL’ without the concern of those in charge. Read more [...]

The Experts Africa Doesn’t Need

Yesterday night, in a complete dark, at the outskirt of the second biggest city of Togo, I was waiting. In the dark I was waiting for a package to be delivered to me. From Lomé, the capital. The package contains important devices we were missing at our community center to complete our running water system, and the automatic irrigation system. I waited for 3 hours. The courier Read more [...]

Faith In Food

Memories stay with us for a reason, a few words spoken long ago, an image taken by the mind, kept and stored until understood. Tonight we ate vegetable and lentil soup; as I emptied all too trustingly, the packet of lentils into the simmering vegetable, a childhood memory returned to me. It was in the backyard in Zululand, South Africa, the Zulu woman I called `Gogo` had Read more [...]

The Long Term Effects Of Ebola

A European schoolchild was asked what they knew about Ethiopia. The child answered that that was the place where everyone starved because there was no food to eat. The child had never been taught about the delicious cuisine of Ethiopia, the world`s oldest castle-Gondar, the oldest Christian state, churches built out of solid rock, the Ark of the Covenant and the holy scriptures Read more [...]

Why aren’t We Asking the Right Questions About Ebola?

As America works itself into a frenzy about Ebola and conspiracy theorists fan the flames of fear; many questions are not being asked about Ebola. Why do we assume that it is perfectly normal for West African countries to STILL be in Third World conditions in the year 2014? Asia, India, Brazil are the rising economic giants. South and Central America are rapidly freeing not Read more [...]

How Democracy is Failing Leadership around the World

Leadership is not about what is expected, but what is needed. Vision could not be a matter of a majority vote, because most people don't think beyond their immediate interest or impulse. Leadership based on popularity contest works only for people with money, criminals, and puppets with the right profile. Reason why electoral democracies rarely have good leaders, because Read more [...]

White Tourist in Africa

"African goes to Europe and takes the best pics around nice buildings, beautiful parks, nice restaurants etc to boast around his people back in Africa. On the other hand European goes to Africa and ignores the nice buildings, beautiful parks, nice restaurants and goes straight to the poorest area he can find, takes photos and shows them back to Europe to satisfy the obsession Read more [...]

SiliconAfrica Closing? No, We need Your support

Dear, Friends and SiliconAfrica Readers We have launched an Indiegogo campaign to support our work. Unlike commercial websites or blogs, We are not in the business to please advertisers in order to make money but to change lives in Africa, to empower our people to become self-reliant, to improve ordinary people lives through courage and entrepreneurship. Here is a link to the Read more [...]