The Church Takes Money Away from the Poor

The World Bank said to "help the poor give them money directly".   Good intention. Unfortunately, they forgot there is a fox in the chicken house.   Once the poor got the money, the church just take it away from them, literary.   From the monthly 10% (tithe), the four Sundays money collections, and the various mandatory money request by the Catholic Read more [...]

Take me, Take me, I’m Tired

The truth is that 90+% of women marry men who are only their despair choice.   Barely 10% of men qualify as the first choice of women.   If you are man, you'd probably be living with a woman who just had settled.   Lot of tragedy in relationship comes from that mismatch.   Hollywood and Disney idealized men types had messed things Read more [...]

Free Advice from Stupid people

Those who give free advice to others are unlikely to take advice from anyone.   Usually they are stupid people with very little self awareness.   They are mind spammers.   Sadly, the world belong to stupid people. Wherever I go, they rule. Their self assurance and bold unbacked statement attract them crowds.   Long live unconscious Read more [...]

Definition of Terrorism Refused

When the United Nations tried to define "terrorism" so that it becomes a legal and international binding lexicon, the US and the EU countries refused and killed the effort.   Why? Because the US and EU are the biggest sponsor of international terrorism, and their economics thrive best on terrorism. Defining what is terrorism would expose them.   When Read more [...]

The West is the Source of International Terrorism

Western international terrorism is the cause of most suicide bombs terrorists and increase in worldwide violence. A newly published research shows that Religious fanatism is not the cause of suicide bombings. Occupation, invasion and increasing militarism is. "What 95 percent of all suicide attacks have in common, since 1980, is not religion, but a specific strategic motivation Read more [...]

EU Colonial Agenda: Why European Union Flags are everywhere on Africa

After the last European inter-ethnic war, the US stepped in to help with some money and technical assistance.   It was called the Marshall plan. All over Europe big boards were displayed saying things like "road funded by the US", "school built by the US", "hospital reconstruction funded by the US". American flag was prominently displayed on those big boards. Read more [...]

Why European Kids Should wear Africa Sign on their Shirt Everyday?

If African countries should put European Union flags all around because the EU gave some money to our countries, then all European kids should stick to their dress a map of Africa for the money and resources stolen from Africa to develop Europe.   All European public buildings should carry African flags in recognition of the African resources stolen to bootstrap European Read more [...]

Why My ass Has flattened?

During the last 3 months, I've been doing a lot of physical work.   I've noticed two things.   High level of testosterone in my blood instantly lower my intelligence level. I've got unusually high level of testosterone, and I was feeling very dumb. My thinking slowed and my brain takes wrong thinking patterns.   My muscles had grown over 20%. Read more [...]