Nigeria Should Control Its Neighboring Countries

France is five thousand kilometers away from Benin, but cares about who will be president in that country and spends years to groom upcoming presidents in Paris, and the ministers.   They use Freemason lodges, alumni networks, scholarship and grants to exert direct control over local elite and have direct involvement in the selection of local presidents.   France Read more [...]

Either you love Africa, or you’d be miserable

You can not escape Africa. Either you love Africa, or you'd be miserable.   Many Africans took American or European citizenship or nationality mainly to be able to travel the world without Visa. (That's a First world, white people reserved privilege that many Africans wish to profit from by becoming French, Italian or British.)   But, things are changing. Read more [...]

Never Trust the West, Rules for African Leaders

The west would destroy or try to destroy anything they do not control.   Few rules for our statesmen   Rule#1. Never trust what they say. NEVER. Act like if you believe them or trust them, but stick to your plan and deceive if that is in your state interest. (Check the Chinese doctrine on the art of deception). Naiveté is your weakness.   Rule#2. Read more [...]

The illusion Causing it All

The biggest illusion sold to Western populations is that the current stage of human development in the West represents the "End of History", which means there is no way history would make any progress beyond western standards, therefore the rest of the world should adopt western ways of life and values, and definitely give up any idea of alternative civilization.   That Read more [...]

The IMF and International Terrorism

Two weeks ago, the French director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) visited two countries in Africa: Nigeria and Cameroon. For such a high level executive, she spent a whole week in both countries. Why these two countries? In sub-Saharan Africa, Nigeria and Cameroon are the only two countries with the lowest level of public debt. They are in a very selective club Read more [...]

More Racism Please

Currently, there is no single African leader capable of uniting Africans worldwide.   However the recent rise of violent and unshamed racism in Europe and in America is doing the job for us.   It's creating a strong sense of common destiny among Africans worldwide, and also helping Africans to shed their illusions.   More racism please. Some Read more [...]

How to limit foreign influence in Africa?

There is a simple way to effectively limit the influence of external powers in Africa.   #1. The President or head of state has almost no power. (Even corrupted he won't be able to do anything). His main role would be the unity of the country, and showing his face at dinner parties and useless conferences.   #2. Divide our territories into very small units Read more [...]

How Soviet Union is The reason why You have A better life

Propaganda had made a majority of people to hate the Soviet Union, Communism, etc.   However, without the Soviet Union, the poor and working class of Europe and America would have stayed like they were before the year 1930: cheap labor exploited and left to rot in misery.   It's the cold war which had forced the western elite -for the first time in history- Read more [...]

What is A Race? A New definition

Race has nothing to do with skin color or origin.   A race is a group of people or a population who compete with other groups of people or populations for resource and dominance.   The keyword is "competing" for resource and dominance.   Example: white as race started only with few European countries. Jews were not white, Irish were not, Italians Read more [...]

Russia and the West: Learning Geopolitics Live

If our leaders were smart enough, they should be actively using the crisis between the west and Russia, as cynically as possible, to advance our countries interests.   Those destined to become great are always happy to see two giants fighting or playing.   There is no better school of geopolitics and military tactics.   You learn a lot. It's Read more [...]