Internet in African villages

The usage of the 'internet' in the villages here in Togo is strong and growing.   The underlying technology is however Bluetooth.   People pair their phones and share files, and info.   Music and videos files sharing is over 90% of activity. Gossip pictures are also in top. Porn would be successful too.   Last week, I bluetoothed a Read more [...]

Antivirus for the Mind

Some people are very smart.   They buy and install antivirus, network firewall, malware and spyware on their computers and phones, to protect them against undesirable access and manipulation.   They would avoid clicking on some links or going to some webpages to prevent their computer and phone to be hijacked.   However, the same people are Read more [...]

Is Buhari Another Mandela

I'm afraid Buhari is turning into another Mandela. Old and tired men, but power hungry, ready to sell their country to foreign interests in other to access power. Around the year 1960, Mandela declared "I will be the first black president of south Africa." Twenty seven years in prison, old and tired, but still hungry to realize his dream regardless of the cost, he sold Read more [...]

African Dogs

If there is one single way you can trust to spot a colonized African, it would be the kind of dog they love and the kind of dog they hate.   A colonized African would hate African indigenous dogs, and would spend thousands to acquire and pet foreign dogs.   They'd would throw stones at our indigenous dogs and would be proud to have dogs from foreign lands, Read more [...]

Seasonal Things

I'm a fool. I can see April coming   Here April is the middle season A shaky bridge between the hot and the raining sky   Nature would start blooming again.   Birds back to singing and mating Farmers chanting while plowing the softened soil   May comes keeping people inside the house as the sky spites wet to earth cleaning Read more [...]

French is Dead, Free the African Kids

Since I've returned to Togo, I've met only one French person living in Togo. This is over a period of two years, from 2014.   I've traveled many times abroad, and not a single time French language has been useful to me, either in term of business or personal relationship.   I wonder why Togo kids spend 16 years learning French since there is no French native Read more [...]

Christianity and Nazism

Most people would be shocked and appalled if anyone or a country would adopt Nazism or fascism as doctrine and practice those doctrines publicly.   People should react the same way if a country or person would adopt Christianity as a religion and practice it, simply because of the horrible crimes and genocides committed in the name of that religion.   Nazism Read more [...]

Voodoo is the solution

The most successful Africans I know practice voodoo.   However they all go to church.   At night or outside of prying eyes, the go back to our traditional spiritual leaders to get the knowledge they need to fend in life.   They all hide the voodoo side of their life but outwardly display their christian or Muslim life.   They do so Read more [...]

A God with Low Self-Confidence

Why the Christian God has such a low self confidence? He needs to be praised to feel worthy He needs to be reminded he is powerful with regular gatherings of his followers. He wants chants and claps. He needs humans to call him king of king to feel important.   I won't trust any God with such a low self-confidence.   In the opposite, Read more [...]

Only Voodoo Works

In Togo, people litter a lot, and sometime in front of other people house.   They also urinate, wherever close to them when they have the urge.   Often people would write "Forbidden to urinate here. Fine 5000Frs". And often no one respect those signs.   As there are lot of christians in Togo, people can use the cross of Jesus to compel, but Read more [...]