100 African Cities Destroyed By Europeans: WHY there are seldom historical buildings and monuments in sub-Saharian Africa!

When tourists visit sub-Saharan Africa, they often wonder “Why there are no historical buildings or monuments?”

The reason is simple. Europeans have destroyed most of them. We have only left drawings and descriptions by travelers who have visited the places before the destructions. In some places, ruins are still visible. Many cities have been abandoned into ruin when Europeans brought exotic diseases (smallpox and influenza) which started spreading and killing people. The ruins of those cities are still hidden. In fact the biggest part of Africa history is still under the ground.

In this post, I’ll share pieces of informations about Africa before the arrival of Europeans, the destroyed cities and lessons we could learn as africans for the future.

The collection of facts regarding the state of african cities before their destruction is done by Robin Walker, a distinguished panafricanist and historian who has written the book ‘When We Ruled’, and by PD Lawton, another great panafricanist, who has an upcoming book titled “African Agenda”.

All quotes and excerpts below are from the books of Robin Walker and PD Lawton. I highly recommend you to buy Walker’s book ‘When We Ruled’ to get a full account of the beauty of the continent before its destruction. You can get more info about PD Lawton work by visiting her blog: AfricanAgenda.net

Robin Walter and PD Lawton have quoted quite heavily another great panafricanist Walter Rodney who wrote the book ‘How Europe Underdeveloped Africa‘. Additional information came from YouTube channel ‘dogons2k12 : African Historical Ruins’, and Ta Neter Foundation work.

Many drawings are from the book African Cities and Towns Before the European Conquest by Richard W. Hull, published in 1976. That book alone dispels the stereotypical view of Africans living in simple, primitive, look-alike agglomerations, scattered without any appreciation for planning and design.

In fact, at the end of the 13th century, when a european traveler encountered the great Benin City in West Africa (present Nigeria, Edo State), he wrote as follows:

“The town seems to be very great. When you enter into it, you go into a great broad street, not paved, which seems to be seven or eight times broader than the Warmoes street in Amsterdam…The Kings palace is a collection of buildings which occupy as much space as the town of Harlem, and which is enclosed with walls. There are numerous apartments for the Prince`s ministers and fine galleries, most of which are as big as those on the Exchange at Amsterdam. They are supported by wooden pillars encased with copper, where their victories are depicted, and which are carefully kept very clean. The town is composed of thirty main streets, very straight and 120 feet wide, apart from an infinity of small intersecting streets. The houses are close to one another, arranged in good order. These people are in no way inferior to the Dutch as regards cleanliness; they wash and scrub their houses so well that they are polished and shining like a looking glass.” (Source: Walter Rodney, ‘How Europe Underdeveloped Africa, pg. 69)

Sadly, in 1897, Benin City was destroyed by British forces under Admiral Harry Rawson. The city was looted, blown up and burnt to the ground. A collection of the famous Benin Bronzes are now in the British Museum in London. Part of the 700 stolen bronzes by the British troops were sold back to Nigeria in 1972.

Here is another account of the great Benin City regarding the city walls “They extend for some 16 000 kilometres in all, in a mosaic of more than 500 interconnected settlement boundaries. They cover 6500 square kilometres and were all dug by the Edo people. In all, they are four times longer than the Great Wall of China, and consumed a hundred times more material than the Great Pyramid of Cheops. They took an estimated 150 million hours of digging to construct, and are perhaps the largest single archaeological phenomenon on the planet.” Source: Wikipedia, Architecture of Africa.” Fred Pearce the New Scientist 11/09/99.

Here is a view of Benin city in 1891 before the British conquest. H. Ling Roth, Great Benin, Barnes and Noble reprint. 1968.


Did you know that in the 14th century the city of Timbuktu in West Africa was five times bigger than the city of London, and was the richest city in the world?

Today, Timbuktu is 236 times smaller than London. It has nothing of a modern city. Its population is two times less than 5 centuries ago, impoverished with beggars and dirty street sellers. The town itself is incapable of conserving its past ruined monuments and archives.

Back to the 14 century, the 3 richest places on earth was China, Iran/Irak, and the Mali empire in West Africa. From all 3 the only one which was still independent and prosperous was the Mali Empire. China and the whole Middle East were conquered by Genghis Kan Mongol troops which ravaged, pillaged, and raped the places.

The richest man ever in the history of Humanity, Mansa Musa, was the emperor of the 14th century Mali Empire which covered modern day Mali, Senegal, Gambia, and Guinea.

At the time of his death in 1331, Mansa Musa was worth the equivalent of 400 billion dollars. At that time Mali Empire was producing more than half the world’s supply of salt and gold.

Here below are some depictions of emperor Mansa Musa, the richest man in human history

Mansa-Musa-2 Mansa Musa

When Mansa Musa went on a pilgrimage to Mecca in 1324, he carried so much gold, and spent them so lavishly that the price of gold fell for ten years. 60 000 people accompanied him.

He founded the library of Timbuktu, and the famous manuscripts of Timbuktu which cover all areas of world knowledge were written during his reign.

Witnesses of the greatness of the Mali empire came from all part of the world. “Sergio Domian, an Italian art and architecture scholar, wrote the following about this period: ‘Thus was laid the foundation of an urban civilisation. At the height of its power, Mali had at least 400 cities, and the interior of the Niger Delta was very densely populated.’

The Malian city of Timbuktu had a 14th century population of 115,000 – 5 times larger than mediaeval London.

National Geographic recently described Timbuktu as the Paris of the mediaeval world, on account of its intellectual culture. According to Professor Henry Louis Gates, 25,000 university students studied there.

“Many old West African families have private library collections that go back hundreds of years. The Mauritanian cities of Chinguetti and Oudane have a total of 3,450 hand written mediaeval books. There may be another 6,000 books still surviving in the other city of Walata. Some date back to the 8th century AD. There are 11,000 books in private collections in Niger.

Finally, in Timbuktu, Mali, there are about 700,000 surviving books. They are written in Mande, Suqi, Fulani, Timbuctu, and Sudani. The contents of the manuscripts include math, medicine, poetry, law and astronomy. This work was the first encyclopedia in the 14th century before the Europeans got the idea later in the 18th century, 4 centuries later.

A collection of one thousand six hundred books was considered a small library for a West African scholar of the 16th century. Professor Ahmed Baba of Timbuktu is recorded as saying that he had the smallest library of any of his friends – he had only 1600 volumes.

Concerning these old manuscripts, Michael Palin, in his TV series Sahara, said the imam of Timbuktu “has a collection of scientific texts that clearly show the planets circling the sun. They date back hundreds of years . . . Its convincing evidence that the scholars of Timbuktu knew a lot more than their counterparts in Europe. In the fifteenth century in Timbuktu the mathematicians knew about the rotation of the planets, knew about the details of the eclipse, they knew things which we had to wait for 150 almost 200 years to know in Europe when Galileo and Copernicus came up with these same calculations and were given a very hard time for it.

The old Malian capital of Niani had a 14th century building called the Hall of Audience. It was an surmounted by a dome, adorned with arabesques of striking colours. The windows of an upper floor were plated with wood and framed in silver; those of a lower floor were plated with wood, framed in gold.

Malian sailors got to America in 1311 AD, 181 years before Columbus. An Egyptian scholar, Ibn Fadl Al-Umari, published on this sometime around 1342. In the tenth chapter of his book, there is an account of two large maritime voyages ordered by the predecessor of Mansa Musa, a king who inherited the Malian throne in 1312. This mariner king is not named by Al-Umari, but modern writers identify him as Mansa Abubakari II.” Excerpt from Robin Walker’s book, ‘WHEN WE RULED’

Those event were happening at the same period when Europe as a continent was plunged into the Dark Age, ravaged by plague and famine, its people killing one another for religious and ethnic reasons.

Here below are some depiction of the city of Timbuktu in the 19th century. 

757px-Caillie_1830_Timbuktu_view 800px-Barthtimbuktu

Kumasi was the capital of the Asante Kingdom, 10th century-20th century. Drawings of life in Kumasi show homes, often of 2 stories, square buildings with thatched roofs, with family compounds arranged around a courtyard. The Manhyia Palace complex drawn in another sketch was similar to a Norman castle, only more elegant in its architecture.

“These 2 story thatched homes of the Ashanti Kingdom were timber framed and the walls were of lath and plaster construction. A tree always stood in the courtyard which was the central point of a family compound. The Tree of Life was the altar for family offerings to God, Nyame. A brass pan sat in the branches of the tree into which offerings were placed. This was the same in every courtyard of every household, temple and palace. The King`s representatives, officials, worked in open-sided buildings. The purpose being that everyone was welcome to see what they were up to.

“The townhouses of Kumase had upstairs toilets in 1817.This city in the 1800s is documented in drawings and photographs. Promenades and public squares, cosmopolitan lives, exquisite architecture and everywhere spotless and ordered, a wealth of architecture, history, prosperity and extremely modern living” – PD Lawton, AfricanAgenda.net 

Winwood Reade described his visit to the Ashanti Royal Palace of Kumasi in 1874: “We went to the king’s palace, which consists of many courtyards, each surrounded with alcoves and verandahs, and having two gates or doors, so that each yard was a thoroughfare . . . But the part of the palace fronting the street was a stone house, Moorish in its style . . . with a flat roof and a parapet, and suites of apartments on the first floor. It was built by Fanti masons many years ago. The rooms upstairs remind me of Wardour Street. Each was a perfect Old Curiosity Shop. Books in many languages, Bohemian glass, clocks, silver plate, old furniture, Persian rugs, Kidderminster carpets, pictures and engravings, numberless chests and coffers. A sword bearing the inscription From Queen Victoria to the King of Ashantee. A copy of the Times, 17 October 1843. With these were many specimens of Moorish and Ashanti handicraft.” – Robin Walter

The beautiful city of Kumasi  was blown up, destroyed by fire, and looted by the British at the end of the 19th century.

Here below are few depictions of the city.




In 1331, Ibn Battouta, described the Tanzanian city of Kilwa, of the Zanj, Swahili speaking people, as follows ” one of the most beautiful and well-constructed cities in the world, the whole of it is elegantly built”. The ruins are complete with `gothic` arches and intricate stonework, examples of exquisite architecture. Kilwa dates back to the 9th century and was at its peak in the 13th and 14th centuries. This international African port minted its own currency in the 11th -14th centuries. Remains of artefacts link it to Spain, China, Arabia and India. The inhabitants, architects and founders of this city were not Arabs and the only influence the Europeans had in the form of the Portuguese was to mark the start of decline, most likely through smallpox and influenza.” – Source: UNESCO World Heritage Centre, excerpt from “African Agenda” by PD Lawton

In 1505 Portuguese forces destroyed and burned down the Swahili cities of Kilwa and Mombasa.

The picture below shows an artist’s reconstruction of the sultan’s palace in Kilwa in the 1400’s, followed by other ruins photographs.



Kilwa 277332452 Songo Mnara

“A Moorish nobleman who lived in Spain by the name of Al-Bakri questioned merchants who visited the Ghana Empire in the 11th century and wrote this about the king: “He sits in audience or to hear grievances against officials in a domed pavilion around which stand ten horses covered with gold-embroidered materials. Behind the king stand ten pages holding shields and swords decorated with gold, and on his right are the sons of the kings of his country wearing splendid garments and their hair plaited with gold. The governor of the city sits on the ground before the king and around him are ministers seated likewise. At the door of the pavilion are dogs of excellent pedigree that hardly ever leave the place where the king is, guarding him. Around their necks they wear collars of gold and silver studded with a number of balls of the same metals.” – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghana_Empire#Government – the source of the quote is given on wikipedia as p.80 of Corpus of Early Arabic Sources for West Africa by Nehemia Levtzion and John F.P. Hopkins)

Here below are few depictions of Ghana Empire.

mauritania-ancient-cities-2 mauritania-ancient-cities 316619943_f4bf539b12 1175093587_g_0 tichitt

In 15th when the Portuguese, the first europeans who sailed the atlantic coasts of Africa “arrived in the coast of Guinea and landed at Vaida in West Africa, the captains were astonished to find streets well laid out, bordered on either side for several leagues by two rows of trees, for days thet travelled through a country of magnificant fields, inhabited by men clad in richly coloured garments of their own weaving! Further south in the Kingdom of the Kongo(sic), a swarming crowd dressed in fine silks’ and velvet; great states well ordered, down to the most minute detail; powerful rulers, flourishing industries-civilised to the marrow of their bones. And the condition of the countries of the eastern coast-mozambique, for example-was quite the same.”

For example the Kingdom of Congo in the 15th Century was the epitome of political organization. It “was a flourishing state in the 15th century. It was situated in the region of Northern Angola and West Kongo. Its population was conservatively estimated at 2 or 3 million people. The country was fivided into 6 administrative provinces and a number of dependancies. The provinces were Mbamba, Mbata, Mpangu, Mpemba, Nsundi, and Soyo. The dependancies included Matari, Wamdo, Wembo and the province of Mbundu. All in turn were subject to the authority of The Mani Kongo (King). The capital of the country(Mbanza Kongo), was in the Mpemba province. From the province of Mbamba, the military stronghold. It was possible to put 400,000 in the field.” – Excerpt from “African Agenda” by PD Lawton

Below is an depiction by Olfert Dapper, a Dutch physician and writer, of the 17th century city of Loango (present Congo/Angola) based on descriptions of the place by those who had actually seen it.


Depiction of the City of Mbanza in the Kongo Kingdom


King of Kongo Receiving Dutch Ambassadors, 1642 DO Dapper, Description de lAfrique  Traduite du Flamand (1686)

King of Kongo Receiving Dutch Ambassadors, 1642   DO Dapper, Description de lAfrique  Traduite du Flamand (1686)

Portuguese Emissaries Received by the King of Kongo, late 16th cent Duarte Lopes, Regnum Congo hoc est warhaffte und eigentliche , Congo in Africa (Franckfort am Mayn, 1609)

Portuguese Emissaries Received by the King of Kongo, late 16th cent Duarte Lopes, Regnum Congo hoc est warhaffte und eigentliche , Congo in Africa (Franckfort am Mayn, 1609)

Until the end of 16 century, Africa was far more advanced than Europe in term of political organization, science, technology, culture. That prosperity continued, despite the european slavery ravages, till the 17th and 18th century.

The continent was crowded with tens of great and prosperous cities, empires and kingdoms with King Askia Toure of Songhay, King Behanzin Hossu Bowelle of Benin, Emperor Menelik of Ethiopia, King Shaka ka Sezangakhona of South Africa, Queen Nzinga of Angola, Queen Yaa Asantewaa of Ghana, Queen Amina of Nigeria.

We are talking here about Empires, Kingdoms, Queendoms, Kings, emperors, the richest man in the history of humanity in Africa.

Were these Kings and Queens sleeping on banana trees in the bushes? Were they dressed with tree leaves, with no shoes?

If they were not sleeping in trees, covered with leaves, where are the remainder of their palaces, their art work?

The mediaeval Nigerian city of Benin was built to “a scale comparable with the Great Wall of China”. There was a vast system of defensive walling totalling 10,000 miles in all. Even before the full extent of the city walling had become apparent the Guinness Book of Records carried an entry in the 1974 edition that described the city as: “The largest earthworks in the world carried out prior to the mechanical era.” – Excerpt from “The Invisible Empire”, PD Lawton, Source-YouTube, uploader-dogons2k12 `African Historical Ruins`

“Benin art of the Middle Ages was of the highest quality. An official of the Berlin Museum für Völkerkunde once stated that: “These works from Benin are equal to the very finest examples of European casting technique. Benvenuto Cellini could not have cast them better, nor could anyone else before or after him . . . Technically, these bronzes represent the very highest possible achievement.”

In the mid-nineteenth century, William Clarke, an English visitor to Nigeria, remarked that: “As good an article of cloth can be woven by the Yoruba weavers as by any people . . . in durability, their cloths far excel the prints and home-spuns of Manchester.”

The recently discovered 9th century Nigerian city of Eredo was found to be surrounded by a wall that was 100 miles long and seventy feet high in places. The internal area was a staggering 400 square miles.” Robin Walter

Loango City in the Congo/Angola area is depicted in another drawing from the mid 1600`s. Yet again, a vast planned city of linear layout, stretching across several miles and entirely surrounded by city walls, bustling with trade. The king`s complex alone was a mile and a half enclosure with courtyards and gardens. The people of Loango had used maths not just for arithmetic purposes but for astrological calculations. They used advanced maths, linear algebra. The Ishango Bone from the Congo is a calculator that is 25 000 years old. “The so-called Ishango bone`s inscriptions consist of two columns of odd numbers that add up to 60,with the left column containing prime numbers between 10 and 20, and the right column containing both added and subtracted numbers.” Source: Ta Neter Foundation. It is on view in a museum in Belgium. – Excerpt from “African Agenda” by PD Lawton

The beautiful city of Loango was destroyed by European fortune hunters, pseudo-missionaries and other kinds of free-booters.

“On the subject of cloth, Kongolese textiles were also distinguished. Various European writers of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries wrote of the delicate crafts of the peoples living in eastern Kongo and adjacent regions who manufactured damasks, sarcenets, satins, taffeta, cloth of tissue and velvet. Professor DeGraft-Johnson made the curious observation that: “Their brocades, both high and low, were far more valuable than the Italian.”

On Kongolese metallurgy of the Middle Ages, one modern scholar wrote that: “There is no doubting . . . the existence of an expert metallurgical art in the ancient Kongo . . . The Bakongo were aware of the toxicity of lead vapours. They devised preventative and curative methods, both pharmacological (massive doses of pawpaw and palm oil) and mechanical (exerting of pressure to free the digestive tract), for combating lead poisoning.”

In Nigeria, the royal palace in the city of Kano dates back to the fifteenth century. Begun by Muhammad Rumfa (ruled 1463-99) it has gradually evolved over generations into a very imposing complex. A colonial report of the city from 1902, described it as “a network of buildings covering an area of 33 acres and surrounded by a wall 20 to 30 feet high outside and 15 feet inside . . . in itself no mean citadel”.

A sixteenth century traveller visited the central African civilisation of Kanem-Borno and commented that the emperor’s cavalry had golden “stirrups, spurs, bits and buckles.” Even the ruler’s dogs had “chains of the finest gold”.

One of the government positions in mediaeval Kanem-Borno was Astronomer Royal.

Ngazargamu, the capital city of Kanem-Borno, became one of the largest cities in the seventeenth century world. By 1658 AD, the metropolis, according to an architectural scholar housed “about quarter of a million people”. It had 660 streets. Many were wide and unbending, reflective of town planning.

The Nigerian city of Surame flourished in the sixteenth century. Even in ruin it was an impressive sight, built on a horizontal vertical grid. A modern scholar describes it thus: “The walls of Surame are about 10 miles in circumference and include many large bastions or walled suburbs running out at right angles to the main wall. The large compound at Kanta is still visible in the centre, with ruins of many buildings, one of which is said to have been two-storied. The striking feature of the walls and whole ruins is the extensive use of stone and tsokuwa (laterite gravel) or very hard red building mud, evidently brought from a distance. There is a big mound of this near the north gate about 8 feet in height. The walls show regular courses of masonry to a height of 20 feet and more in several places. The best preserved portion is that known as sirati (the bridge) a little north of the eastern gate . . . The main city walls here appear to have provided a very strongly guarded entrance about 30 feet wide.”

The Nigerian city of Kano in 1851 produced an estimated 10 million pairs of sandals and 5 million hides each year for export.

In 1246 AD Dunama II of Kanem-Borno exchanged embassies with Al-Mustansir, the king of Tunis. He sent the North African court a costly present, which apparently included a giraffe. An old chronicle noted that the rare animal “created a sensation in Tunis”.

In Southern Africa, there are at least 600 stone built ruins in the regions of Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa. These ruins are called Mazimbabwe in Shona, the Bantu language of the builders, and means great revered house and “signifies court”.

The Great Zimbabwe was the largest of these ruins. It consists of 12 clusters of buildings, spread over 3 square miles. Its outer walls were made from 100,000 tons of granite bricks. In the fourteenth century, the city housed 18,000 people, comparable in size to that of London of the same period.

Bling culture existed in this region. At the time of our last visit, the Horniman Museum in London had exhibits of headrests with the caption: “Headrests have been used in Africa since the time of the Egyptian pharaohs. Remains of some headrests, once covered in gold foil, have been found in the ruins of Great Zimbabwe and burial sites like Mapungubwe dating to the twelfth century after Christ.”

On bling culture, one seventeenth century visitor to southern African empire of Monomotapa, that ruled over this vast region, wrote that: “The people dress in various ways: at court of the Kings their grandees wear cloths of rich silk, damask, satin, gold and silk cloth; these are three widths of satin, each width four covados [2.64m], each sewn to the next, sometimes with gold lace in between, trimmed on two sides, like a carpet, with a gold and silk fringe, sewn in place with a two fingers’ wide ribbon, woven with gold roses on silk.”

Apparently the Monomotapan royal palace at Mount Fura had chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. An eighteenth century geography book provided the following data: “The inside consists of a great variety of sumptuous apartments, spacious and lofty halls, all adorned with a magnificent cotton tapestry, the manufacture of the country. The floors, cielings [sic], beams and rafters are all either gilt or plated with gold curiously wrought, as are also the chairs of state, tables, benches &c. The candle-sticks and branches are made of ivory inlaid with gold, and hang from the cieling by chains of the same metal, or of silver gilt.”

Monomotapa had a social welfare system. Antonio Bocarro, a Portuguese contemporary, informs us that the Emperor: “shows great charity to the blind and maimed, for these are called the king’s poor, and have land and revenues for their subsistence, and when they wish to pass through the kingdoms, wherever they come food and drinks are given to them at the public cost as long as they remain there, and when they leave that place to go to another they are provided with what is necessary for their journey, and a guide, and some one to carry their wallet to the next village. In every place where they come there is the same obligation.”

In, 1571 Portuguese forces invade Munhumutapa, and started the destruction of the place. In 1629, Emperor Mavhura becomes puppet ruler of Munhumutapa on behalf of the Portuguese.

Chinese records of the fifteenth century AD note that Mogadishu had houses of “four or five stories high”.

“Gedi, near the coast of Kenya, is one of the East African ghost towns. Its ruins, dating from the fourteenth or fifteenth centuries, include the city walls, the palace, private houses, the Great Mosque, seven smaller mosques, and three pillar tombs.

The ruined mosque in the Kenyan city of Gedi had a water purifier made of limestone for recycling water.

The palace in the Kenyan city of Gedi contains evidence of piped water controlled by taps. In addition it had bathrooms and indoor toilets.

A visitor in 1331 AD considered the Tanzanian city of Kilwa to be of world class. He wrote that it was the “principal city on the coast the greater part of whose inhabitants are Zanj of very black complexion.” Later on he says that: “Kilwa is one of the most beautiful and well-constructed cities in the world. The whole of it is elegantly built.”

Bling culture existed in early Tanzania. A Portuguese chronicler of the sixteenth century wrote that: “[T]hey are finely clad in many rich garments of gold and silk and cotton, and the women as well; also with much gold and silver chains and bracelets, which they wear on their legs and arms, and many jewelled earrings in their ears”.

In 1961 a British archaeologist, found the ruins of Husuni Kubwa, the royal palace of the Tanzanian city of Kilwa. It had over a hundred rooms, including a reception hall, galleries, courtyards, terraces and an octagonal swimming pool.

The Bamilike structures of the Cameroon are of mind-blowing architectural delicateness and beauty. The Bamum and Shomum scripts of the Cameroon are similar to those of Ethiopia. There are over 7000 ancient Bamum manuscripts and the Bamum Palace is still perfectly preserved.”  – When we Ruled, by Robin Walter

As historical sources described above the continent was full of monuments. Where are they?

The sad truth is that Europeans invaders have destroyed most of them either as punitive actions or under the scramble for Africa ‘Terra Nullius’ law.

During the scramble for Africa by Europeans, the main way to prove that a land was qualified for colonization or take over was ‘Terra Nullius”, a Latin expression deriving from Roman law meaning “land belonging to no one”, which is used in international law to describe territory which has never been subject to the sovereignty of any state, or over which any prior sovereign has expressly or implicitly relinquished sovereignty. Sovereignty over territory which is terra nullius may be acquired through occupation” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terra_nullius

Many islands were acquired that way when it was possible to slaughter the small population and easily prove that the land was empty before the arrival of colonial powers.

But very soon, the colonial powers were in difficulty to find “land belonging to no one”. Africa was not a Terra Nullius. Consequently,  the terra nullius law was altered to include land inhabited by savages and uncivilized people.

Again, very quickly the colonial power found it difficult to prove that Africa was a land of savages and uncivilized people. Instead they found, as demonstrated above, queendoms and kingdoms with great palaces and highly developed political and social norms.

At this stage, the colonial power have to destroy any sign of civilization.

From then on, the colonial power spent a lot of energy to destroy and burn african historical building and monuments, slaughtered the african elite of engineers, scientists, craftsmen, writers, philosophers, etc.

There is a museum in Paris with 18 000 human heads of people killed by the french colonial troops and missionaries. It’s called “Musée d’Histoire Naturelle de Paris”.


Among the heads are the ones of African kings, kings’ families, african engineers, writers, army officers, spiritual leaders, but also ordinary men, women, children that the french found unusual, exotic enough or interesting to kill to enrich their Museum of natural history where they display mainly animals skulls to represent bio-diversity and evolution.

France was not alone in the european competition to behead the maximum of variety of exotic people. The skulls and heads of many africans still could be  found in museums and unusual places around Europe.

Another consequence of the Terra Nullius law defined as a land inhabited by savages, lead to the capture of Africans to display in zoos and public events around Europe, in primitive conditions, to demonstrate the inferiority and barbarism of the African people.

From that moment till now, most europeans still think Africans are savages, inferior, grotesque, unintelligent people. They more an african would display features that would fit that stigma, the more he or she would be liked by them.

Stupid Africans are the best companion of Europeans. A smart and assertive African is something most europeans are still not used to, and would do anything to reject or ostracize.

For example in Paris, the Soninke people from Mali play a lot on that stigma. They will go to the french public administration and play the most stupid African, speaking broken french, displaying sign of unintelligence and dumbness. Suddenly, the public servant would found a long awaited or dormant humanitarian mission to help an uncivilized African to sort out his papers and get his head around even simple things.

In this way, the Soninke often get most of the things they want from the public servants. They represent over 50% of the sub-sahararian africans living in France. An African who will go to the French administration with the posture of a person who is smart and affluent will face lot hurdles, because the instinctive reaction of the servants would be “You want to show us that you are intelligent, we will show you!”.

Reason why you’d see most Africans in Europe weaken themselves voluntary to be accepted. With white people they will act docile, submissive, take-order-and-obey, but would strangely turn angry, aggressive and pedantic with their fellow black people.

Sadly, nothing is left of our ancestors. When Europeans invaded Africa they applied the 4 basic principles of any occupant forces:

1. First, Kill the strong and loot the place

2. Second, Breed the weak

3. Third, Kill, Deport or Exile the smartest and the skilled ones

4. Fourth, Impose the golden colonial rule “My way or the Highway”.

The Kings and their descendants were all killed. Additionally, 3 centuries of transatlantic slavery exported over 12 millions of the finest men and women from Africa to America, tens of millions have died in the process.

Imagine what would happen to any country or civilization when almost all writers, storytellers, engineers, craftsmen, artists, leaders are killed or exiled? And, Any sign of heir past glory and ingenuity destroyed or burned? Their books and records of knowledge stolen or destroyed.

Who will transmit the century accumulated knowledge to the ordinary men and women?

It’s that broken link to knowledge and leadership for the last 3 centuries which has plunged the whole continent into a dark age, its people left without guidance.

Our fearless Warriors and Civilization builders are gone. Our global traders, pyramid, Kingdom and Empire builders are extinct.

Unsurprisingly none of these generations have being nurtured in creating empire, and waging wars, defending their territory, protecting their children and women.

Reason why we don’t have anymore the modern version of the fearless African Warriors and Civilization builders.

When some people ask why are they so poor, we answer they are not poor, they have been made poor.


Today, If you want to see the glory of Africa, you have to go to Europe, where thousands and thousands of stolen arts objects, civilization artifacts are in public museums and private collection (in UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Germany, etc.). If you want to see the wealth of Africa, you have also to go to Europe where they are stored in private and public accounts. 5 centuries of plundering and destruction brought the continent to its knees.


As PD Lawton put it “From Egypt to the Sudan, from Mali to Tanzania, from Zimbabwe to Mozambique, Africa is full of the testimony to her past. In many cases the complete destruction of structures has not been through natural elements but deliberate acts, most notably of the British Empire. The museums of Britain and Europe are full of the results of` pillage and plunder`. There are numerous ancient structures that are in a state of good preservation but in the case of many of Africa`s cities, palaces, temples and trading ports of old we are left with nothing other than the written reports and drawings of traders and travellers from medieval times to the final days of complete destruction in the late 1800s.In terms of beauty and even on occasion scale the architecture of Egypt`s pyramids pale in comparison to other African historical structures. The diversity of architecture from this continent is staggering. The use traditionally of what is termed fractal scaling in building highlights a religious tradition practiced throughout the continent. Fractal scaling is the `Mandelbrot` idea of architecture where the smallest parts of a structure resemble the largest parts. This cultural/religious tradition was/is practised in all aspects of life from weaving, to grinding cereals to the building of homes and palaces and is the incorporation of `history` and explanation of the Universe and our place within it, into everyday lives, lest we forget.” – “Africa Before The 20Th Century” in “Invisible Empire”.

We need to invest time and resources to unearth ourselves the ruins of our old cities to strengthen the faith of a young generation in our ability to rebound.

It’s time we revive in the mind of a new generation of Africans the true nature of their ancestors, the past glory of their empires, the pride of its warriors, conquerors and civilization builders, and clearly make them understand that the 5 “Centuries of Shame” under European occupation shall end with a new generation of Leaders and Builders!

5 century ago, when europeans arrived into africa they found the people were so advanced, wealthier, and were impressed by the abundance of nature and civility of its people. European became so jealous, and bitter, and knew they could conquer the people because the people were so kind, so welcoming, and have no gun or mounted mechanized armies as their.

Africans were exactly like what Christopher Columbus wrote about the Amerindians “They are artless and generous with what they have, to such a degree as no one would believe but him who had seen it. Of anything they have, if it be asked for, they never say no, but do rather invite the person to accept it, and show as much lovingness as though they would give their hearts.”

Therefore, Columbus later wrote what he would do to those good Indians “we shall powerfully enter into your country, and shall make war against you in all ways and manners that we can, and shall subject you to the yoke and obedience of the Church and of their highnesses; we shall take you, and your wives, and your children, and shall make slaves of them, and as such shall sell and dispose of them as their highnesses may command; and we shall take away your goods, and shall do you all the mischief and damage that we can, as to vassals who do not obey, and refuse to receive their lord, and resist and contradict him; and we protest that the deaths and losses which shall accrue from this are your fault, and not that of their highnesses, or ours, nor of these cavaliers who come with us…”

The fate of Africa from then on has been sealed in the evilness of the Devil with blue eyes. They looted what they found worthy, destroy and burned down anything that has worth but couldn’t be taken away.

As we have seen above, at “the apex of Afrikan Civilization, they mastered development of a stable high culture where the arts, sciences and human dignity flourished for thousands of years. BUT they did not develop a solution to the problem of the violent ravenous invading european. Neither did other parts of Afrika or Native America. We and our descendants will have to solve that problem or continue to suffer never ending recyclings of slavery, massacre, second classness, slavery, massacre, second classiness.” Muai-Aakhu Meskheniten

A story said,
When Europeans started killing African writers, craftsmen, philosophers, nobles and kings, a group of young apprentices and courtesans decided to find a place where to hide the books, and manuscripts.
In many part of the continent the europeans have already killed many writers and philosophers, and the few left have to flee. While Europeans were burning the books and manuscripts, a sage passed some sacred manuscripts to two brothers to hide from the invaders.

Before the two brothers was caught and killed by the savages, they succeeded to hide the manuscripts, split them in few parts, gave them to a dozen couriers to bring to sages of other kingdoms on the continent.

The story said that the person who will find these manuscripts will uncover the secret that will finally give the clues for africa renaissance. They contain a coded message, embedded in their lines, which upon reading it will open and enlighten the minds of the African people, connect them to an ancestral power uniquely African.
These manuscripts are reported to contain the secret for Africa to become all powerful once again, and dominate the world. People will come from Europe, Asia, America to bow before African kings. Black people as the original human beings will be first among all nations. People will travel the world seeking their protection and knowledge.

Till, now no one has succeeded to find those manuscripts, but the time has come to try again, and I’m ready to commit my life in search of those documents. I’ve already spent the last 15 years asking around about these documents.

It’s certain these manuscripts exist, and my mission is to find them. I’ll uncover the name of the two brothers, follow their fleeing path, travel the roads of the dozen couriers who carried the dozen chapters, uncover the places the manuscripts have been hidden, and decrypt the message, expose it to every african children as necessary to recover our ancestral glory and build our path to millennial glory and greatness.

I don’t know how long this search will take, but my determination is total and unwavering.

Mawuna Remarque KOUTONIN

About Mawuna Remarque KOUTONIN

Mawuna Koutonin is a world peace activist who relentlessly works to empower people to express their full potential and pursue their dreams, regardless of their background. He is the Editior of SiliconAfrica.com, Founder of Goodbuzz.net, and Social activist for Africa Renaissance. Koutonin’s ultimate dream is to open a world-class human potential development school in Africa in 2017. If you are interested in learning more about this venture or Koutonin’s other projects, you can reach him directly by emailing at linkcrafter@gmail.com

163 Responses to “100 African Cities Destroyed By Europeans: WHY there are seldom historical buildings and monuments in sub-Saharian Africa!”

    • Sass

      This is nothing but a fable. A crock of shit. You are not a recognized, respected researcher. You are a bullshitter.

  1. Nosa Nosa

    The truth shall set Africa free,when the white say nothing to write about Africa.the white people are the ignorant about Africa.

    • DH

      I’m not white, I’m Indian, but I need to tell you that most non-African descended people aren’t ignorant out of spite, but because there’s so little unbiased information about African history ;_; most of it is either unsubstantial, euro-centrist, Arab-centrist, or tainted by either colonial sentiments or racial supremacist. It’s sad how African history is so inaccessible, considering its just as important and interesting as Eurasian history, but most of the info i find comes from post-colonial sources written by biased Europeans, and Arab sources, though less biased, tend to only cover a small portion of the massive continent…
      But anyway, my point is, we aren’t ignorant because we don’t care, we’re ignorant because it takes so much effort to find the information, and more effort to fact-check it.

  2. Chi Goncalves

    Great history lesson! Thank you for this article, Mawuna R. Koutonin

  3. Siyanda Masango

    This is a great read, we need to inform more black people about our history and not the bs in history books about savage Africans running around naked in the jungle. Keep shining the light on the "dark" past of the "dark" continent.

  4. Kwamla Hesse

    Great article and beautiful research. We need more people digging out and using the internet to publicise this information to make it more accessible. I have also highlighted it in my own historical researches.

    The one point I would question is the use of the erroneous illegitimate term "sub-saharan African" in the title

  5. Gavin Rash

    We are the Kings and Queens. Our time to rise is now! A new era and breed of African has been born. Firstly lets make sure we uplift the fellow African, enlighten them, make them realize we are the wealth, not the resources beneath our feet.

  6. Marta Eva Běťáková

    Greetings from a European! Fortunately, it's not true that no educated Africans are respected in Europe – I know some educated Africans who live in my country and are well-respected. … Our primary school history lessons are such a waste – we learn which duke killed which duke while he was sitting on a toilet, yet we learn nothing about African architecture! I wish everyone could read this article. So eye-opening and exciting. Btw, this is not just history of Africa – there were even European countries (Latvia and Estonia) colonised in exactly the kind of ruthless manner You describe, in the 13th century.

  7. Silas O. Abayomi

    It's very unfortunate, that what would have been part of our heritage was destroyed by those, our ancestors warmly welcomed and accepted into Africa. Just as the writer of this great work did, I have through my new book: "The Watchnight Songs" represents African history in its proper perspective. Through Poetry, the book creatively detailed African history during sunshine and at sunset. "The Watchnight Songs" is now on sale at Amazon.com worldwide; also available on barnesandnoble.com, Authorhouse.com, indiebound.org, booksamillion.com. The book comes in two versions, the paper and eBook version, which can be downloaded on any smart phone or tablet, provided such a device carries the program or application of the chosen bookstore.

  8. Henry Ndawula

    Great article Nampeera that reminds me of my High school African history. Only did not cover the great East & South African kingdoms of Zulu, Buganda and Eithopia and the great cities that these empires built but now extinct courtesy of the European conquers.

  9. danny shorkend

    Thanks Andrew – most enlightening and necessary to change perceptions…

  10. Paul Venter

    Dont be mistaken and be fooled by the colour of a persons skin. Many types of people care about Africa and are working hard in Africa for Africa.

  11. Thulani Ndlovu

    Fantastic in depth look into Africa's rich history, please keep up the good work.

  12. Abel Muxito

    Thank you for the work you are doing…interesting enough part of what I read on this article I heard from someone who had a revelation about Africa

  13. Cathie Glover

    You are so quick to blame Europeans on all your problems. Not once did you mention the civil war of the Songhai Empire in 1591 that ended the golden age of Timbuktu and began a long period of instability, the Battle of Tondibi, or Moroccan rule and incompetence. Timbuktu was a great city once, but it was not Europeans who destroyed it. Its glory days had long passed it by the time they got there. Likewise, it was a quarrel about succession coupled with Britain's ending its slave trade that led to the demise of the Oman Sultanate that led to the fall of Zanzibar, the center of the slave trade for African and Arab slavetraders. The British took advantage of that quarrel, but they didn't cause it. Not saying the British didn't commit atrocities or that colonialism wasn't destructive, but stop blaming everything on the White Man. I would have enjoyed the article if it had focused on the lost history of these cities rather than a soapbox for your blame and hatred.

  14. Stuart Wyatt

    This is a fantastic article. So many people in my country are ignorant of our history, yet claim that African society benefited from our repeated invasions and occupations. How wrong they are…

  15. Andre

    The author is correct: Europeans have destroyed all civilizations with which they came into contact. But so did the Muslims before them. And the Africans who came before the Muslims. War and destruction was part of human history and development since man arrived on the planet. It is part of the genetic programming of all creatures. Ants destroy each others hives, taking slaves to work for them. Chimpanzees go on raids to kill other chimp tribes. Lion males kill the kittens of another male to ensure that their own seed dominates. Homo Sapiens killed off the Neanderthals.

    Humans kill and conquer one another and its unfair to blame only Europeans for destroying African cities. Muslims destroyed the indigenous cultures long before Europeans arrived. This is evident from the article.

    Shaka was the African Genghis Khan. He marauded through Southern Africa, raping and pillaging, destroying swathes of tribal lands, driving the San and Khoi people from their caves and lands into the desert.

    The identity of the builders of Great Zimbabwe remain a mystery, having departed the scene in terror of the savages who came to take their wealth and women.

    The European era is coming to an end too. The future is uncertain right now, with two scenarios possible. One is the radical Muslim scenario which will see the brutal murder of all who wont follow their conservative ways. The world will return to the Dark Ages, with religious authorities governing every aspect of life, and punishment for heresy swift and terminal. Perhaps not so swift. Perhaps not so terminal.

    The other scenario is the Chinese option. A largely secular society with tolerance of religious views within strict limits. Technologically advanced, totalitarian and strongly regulated.

    The next hundred years will tell.

    • Jani

      I thought it would be a miracle to find a comment here I totally agree with. Well, congrats, VERY well argued!

      • Somidotun

        Simple Truth! your comment encapsulates a more holistic point of view

    • Adamaji

      These options you give forget that all these obliterated cultures seem to thrive on the scraps of indigenous wisdom they can steal like yoga shamanism that they get all wrong and such. This means when all the hiding queens of Africa have their mass of daughtets up and wealth back up,the wisdom of the proestesses will be snatched up. Do not believe Neanderthals are dead. The destruction of foreign kings and the last10% Neanderthals are one and the same event. Yet they did not die. To ressurect these lineages dna from seven tombes will be published with your killed off queens dna. Alive. The book is Fatimas. You do not even want this book angry man. The holiest book is how to build a tribe and nation. A book for the other half of Abraham’s tribe. All from Lybia. You excluded Lybia as the origins of Greek culture. Do you exclude them because they wete white Africans? The majority of Africans are and were light tan and olive. Tuareg dark for dessert crossing. Know the genetics and the path of man inside Africa and see youwill find yourself in a loop. We have each all conquered each other twice. But this book he refets to stops war. Instantly.

    • Lovingme

      It’s good to know that only when white men are in control that the world is civilized.

    • Erik Wijmeersch

      For thousends of years european people had multiple gods, plurality, no exact text, ancient european cultures never gave order to kill in the name of God.
      All three Abraham religions are monotheisme.
      We never got compassion of these barbaric religions.
      These three middle east religions asked from the europeans to submit, pray or to die !
      Europeans accepted pluralism of religion, we had not monotheism, which excludes everything else.
      Rome had multi religions , Greeks same, nordics aswel!
      We respected the fighting heroes.
      The races between athletes
      Not those who prayed more the most !
      Not turn the other cheek because Allah/Jahwe would avenge for you
      No European mythology , mentions heavenly rewards as far as I know.
      Torah specifically said that Jews we’re entitled to exterminate.
      Koran does the same even more barbaric.
      Does anyone know any European religion who advocate this kind of shit?
      None !!!
      Non-Europeans expect anything from God, pray to him, ans sure do not uprise.
      Our mythology Is full of uprisings against Gods.
      Does anyone understand the difference?

  16. Tom

    What a load of rubbish – most of the cities mentioned here were built by Arabs – before the Europeans arrived, sub-saharan Africans didn’t even have the wheel. Or written Language. Or advanced tools of any kind.

    • slickmoranis

      I don’t think you know your geography.

      Also, yes, Kilwa was founded by Arabs but many of the sultanates were blacks, even if mixed with Arabs. Also, the original founder himself was part Abissinian from what I gather.
      As for Ghana and Mali, there SSA, and these places were settled, then later influenced by Berbers from up north.

  17. Andre

    Dear Mr. KOUTONIN
    I wish to air my views on your article in relation to your mission statement. You wish to open a school of human potential development.

    I ask you to please state unequivocally: Which direction do you wish to pursue? European, Arab or Chinese? Each will have its own implications. Each will require that you sacrifice your African identity. Each will see the final demise of the very culture that you say the Europeans destroyed. Will you not yourself then become a destroyer?

    Perhaps you wish to pursue a development agenda using African values and systems. Then I will agree. Lets get back to the land. Lets stop polluting the planet. Lets stop saving the babies and keeping old people alive. If you can’t work to feed yourself or help the community, or survive a day in the fields as soon as you are born, you die.

    Let disease, war and disaster return the population numbers to stasis. THAT my friend, will be a positive move. For THAT, you will have my backing.

    I look forward to seeing your comments.

  18. Chris

    Too many faerie tales. This wasn’t proper research on the ground, but book research. So not too much credence especially as many of the cities refer to is NOT Sub-Saharan as the writer suggests.
    Secondly the suggestion that Europeans was responsible for most of the destruction is downright ridiculous. Besides the ongoing tribal wars and the nutural rise and fall of empires, the single biggest factor that influenced ‘African’ history is climate change related to inter-ice age cycles. 10 000 years ago as the last ice age receded, the Sahara was green with plenty of water. It has been getting drier ever since and that changed living conditions and human migration till today along with the viability of cities.

    • Sifelani

      deflecting from yourself I see. All African peoples know the truth and no amount of false tribal history will change the truth and that is your people are responsible for global genocide of the indigenous people of the 4 continents and continue to do so and that is a fact. Just turn on the news and you will hear them causing war in the middle east and pretending that the terrorist is the Arab and you forget that you were calling us terrorist in our own land where you continued to violate our women, destroy our children and pillage our lands.

  19. Andre

    Never mind BOOK research Chris. Research is one thing. But publishing a racially slanted argument without thinking it through is downright racist.

  20. Rafal Pruszyn-ski

    return to where? Who says that the Africans in actual Africa would want millions of "returnees"?

  21. Ron Darby

    This was very informative and a great eye opener for me to the rich African heritage that has been lost. The history books are written by the victors, this is most unfortunate, but in our modern society and open access to information, this statement is becoming less the letter of law. I wish you all the best in your quest for the manuscripts.

  22. Nigel Connell

    An interesting article, but flawed due to incomplete research. For instance, the photographs of Africa's stolen obelisks includes the Washington Memorial. This was never stolen, but manufactured in the USA. Also, most of Africa's great cities were located in the Sahel region which had always been heavily under Arab influence. The Zimbabwe and other ruined 'cities' in Southern Africa were ruins long before any white person made an appearance, the populace there having been driven away by the influx of Bantu-speaking people. King Shaka represents the greatest 'modern' leader of these immigrants, but contemporary drawings of his cities shows them to be largely of wood and thatch construction.

  23. Gift Abueng Grey

    The best article I've ever read. I've always believed that they way we've been depicted in history books and old movies was not correct. There was no way all Africans were so uncivilized, now the truth has come to light. I so appreciate this article. Thanks

  24. Mpatho Magwaza

    I don't believe the author wrote it for the entertainment of the Europeans.

  25. Carole-Anne Dallo

    The only problem is that most history books written by "The White Man" can't entirely be trusted either. Who to believe then? Where is the truth?

  26. Andrew Bransford Brown

    I don't think it was influenza/smallpox that killed them. Total slaughter with bodies decomposing. Same thing in South America, I think. Killed all the witnesses and returned to Europe.

  27. Andrew Bransford Brown

    I don’t think influenza/smallpox killed them. They were slaughtered and bodies left to decompose. Same thing in South America.

    They killed all the witnesses and returned to Europe.

  28. Omo Ding

    cathie i understand where your coming from in your response wait actually i don't considering the fact that neocolonialism is still alive and well in the so called 21st Century of the civilized…so it really doesn't matter whether we look in the past or the present or try to focus on the future for that matter..the bulk of what has destroyed our beautiful continent has been as a result of foreign intervention politically economically and socially….do you know how slave trade revolutionized the economies of Europe and the Americas…that was the back of Africans who were stripped of their culture and identity….REGARDLESS and those facts cannot be disputed although they have tried to be hidden…what really PISSES me off is that the Holocaust has always been a reference point for the evil that has taken place in this world, documented, revived time and again and used as a sympathetic and sometimes preemptive tool for injustice….its always difficult to understand and appreciate an issue from a perspective of the oppressed if you havent been in that position yourself….

  29. richard bird

    When the first census (population count) was taken in South Africa in 1892 by the British colonial power, the number of blacks of all tribes was 960,000. The average life expectency was 37 and the infant mortality rate was seven in ten. (figures easily verified by a quick google search)
    In 1994, exactly one hundred years later, the total Black population in South Africa was 37 million, the infant mortality rate was one in five, and life expectency for blacks was 63.
    So much for whitey killing off blackie with all his deseases. The rest of this “article” isn’t worth commenting on, as it’s totally made up bullshit.
    Just look at the beautiful cities whitey built in SA like Johannesburg and Durban. They are almost ruins now, not 20 years after the end of white rule, and in a hundred years time they will be a collection of mud huts. The black creatures in Africa still hadn’t invented the wheel or the written word when whitey got there, so cities? Yeah, right.
    This “article” is further proof of the fact that people will believe anything they want to believe. Unfortunately for the simian masses, it’s just a load of crap.

  30. John Blanton

    Oh wow, what a load of anti white garbage. Blacks are responsible for their own problems.

  31. John Blanton

    3000 years ago, Romans living buildings that still hold up to this day. Blacks are still living in mud huts. In fact if it wasnt for whites africa would be a waste land.

    • P. Lewis

      And here come all the jealous white assholes to add in their own two worthless cents of honky whimsy and bullshit. Stick to fixing your own problems in Europe and America, we don’t need you anymore.

  32. Stuart Wyatt

    LOL. You should really read up on your history… and make sure your sources aren't white supremacist propaganda.

  33. Caxito Crisfel

    I think what is important for us Africans is to realized that slavery took many things away from us, like our culture and mostly our history but it can not be the end.
    because there is no explanation for what was done in Africa, even if the African were in a War against each other, but it doesn't give the right for any other human come to give it as an excuse( European had war between them selves as well and very nasty war world war 1 and 2), so it didn't mean that the Japanese and Germany from Hitler had to do slavery all over Europe, Napoleon was also another example of European wars, so they fought and that was it no African or Asian went there to take it as an excuse to justify what was done in Africa it shows what few Europeans have in their little mind but let not generalize it to all Europeans because there are many that has human heart. and today acknowledged wrong doing of their ancestry.
    It took centuries for Europe and America be where they are it will take time for Africans to reach their target( to develop at all levels), but first we need to stop copy past and find our own solution I know globalization is something that can slow Africa development as well, so we need to invest first in our own Schools( Schools in Africa so we can have our own idea to do things in our cities based in our reality we can copy the good examples from other developed countries, we need also to accept that we need to be humble to learn from our mistakes in the past and to learn with those who are ahead in terms of technology, universities.
    we need to find something that will drive us the same thing that drove Timbuktu to reach that level, so as Egypt empire, Ghana Empire, empire songai and all other good examples that can be taken at least to give that hope, faith and motivations it helps to discover where our weakness and strongest point so we can work on the weak side to improve.
    stop saying strong words to each other it won't make Africa a great place that it was in the once…it will only hurt each other by using strong words or offensive statement.
    we have a long way to go while we argue the train keep going…
    all the best and love each other

  34. Werner

    Firstly, is it only racist when a white person says or do something to a black… cum on… secondly. If these cities were so amazing, so powerful and all that has been said about it… how in the world then have they been so easily destroyd? To me it doesnt ad up. Then the last thing… its not about black nor white, it all comes down to caracter of a person. Its a good artical, but there is no need to make it a racist thing.

  35. Sjaak van der Velden

    It mainly is an article based on ideas of African supremacy to replace white supremacy and also based on hearsay instead of good research. It's written in the school of the African Athena that tries to convince the world that actually everything good that happened to humanity was an invention of an African person. They have to present better evidence. By the way I don't deny the fact that when the Europeans invaded Africa in the 19th century (before that they hardly left a small coastal strip) they committed crimes, but hey it was the 19th century! Does anyone really believe that African kings were humane in their actions?

    • Gadfly Badguy

      Sjaak, when did he claim all the achievement of history for africa? STRAWMAN He barely touched upon North Africa, this is hardly ‘we wuz kangs and shiet’. I am frankly sick to death of Afrocentrics beating the Egyptian horse to death. Egypt is at a continental crossroads, it’s hard to claim it, and what about the rest of the continent? Sure, the wet sahara period throws up some intriguing artefacts-Adrar Madet, Nabta Playa, Tchitt-Wallata, heck even the nsibidi thing is dated indeterminately, but are those artefacts in the ‘signal transmission’ sense, or are black people actually competent? Look, I have no ‘safe space’ needs with regard to the pride whites take in their legacy. I find euro history fascinating (just been scouring the internet for livonia/teutonic/hanseatic slideshows. Tremendous!), I have plenty of white friends, ( I have a dutch-descended friend-girl with a van der type name like yours. She defers to my judgement and acerbic commentary with a most indulgent alacrity. She’s the best though.) and if that makes me a black outlier, so what? I am perfectly comfortable being the only black with an IQ above room temperature. But we must deal with facts and my unyielding misanthropy doesn’t allow me to believe that whites are as awesome, or neutral, as they claim (or like to think). White penracists (think penumbra) like yourself generally have a little more rigor and less prevarication. If they have claims to the mighty whitey cultural edifice, this must be backed up by exercises in and of academic integrity. You fail by those standards. Not all whites are racists, and not all racists are vacuous. You find yourself in a very insalubrious venn diagram.

      This paean to black dignity is a cut above that gorillas in the mists (of history) dreck with the ‘coondalini’ atlantis shit, but you can’t tell the difference. White people like you act like we bash on whites for therapeutic reasons, and similarly, cravenly, claim other people’s achievements. Your comment is written in the school of African Bushveld where NOTHING good was the invention of African people. Better evidence??? Dafuq son? Now, I am not averse to racists, I like it when bigots (who are not all, or even the majority, of whites) let it all hang out, and they even teach me a thing or two, where to mass my forces and such. Your criticism is such standard boilerplate, that it does not do justice to this superlative monograph adroitly presented. The piece about terra nullis was genuinely news to me (a confessed history buff) and provided solid motive. Evidence? I will concede industrialisation to europe, as well as proximity. Given those logistics, how could africans NOT be obliterated? As you said, it was the 19th century! And the 18th. And the 17th. And the…well all the way back since freakin gunpowder. Why were humans shooting with guns before with cameras? Two reasons, because-a) thermodynamics insists that destruction must be easier than preservation, let alone creation. b)fuck this gay earth.

      As for the morality of European conquerors, I find your characterisation meretricious, but I don’t care to argue the point. I’m a misanthrope, I fuckin hate people in general and wouldn’t expect conquerors to act any differently, so I don’t feel the need to castigate white people for what they did, I just don’t want them claiming all agency and activity-good or bad.

  36. Steven Hamilton-Healey

    John Blanton and you do? You dont even know how to comment in a debate in a half decent manner.

  37. Steven Hamilton-Healey

    John Blanton You honestly dont have a clue do you? You dont even know when the Roman Empire existed. LOL

  38. Paul Russell

    Of all the horrors we inflicted none compare to the creation of the modern synthetic countries based on colonial borders. That will insure another hundred years of misery and complete cultural genocide. Though the Africans can be happy that they at least survived. They were lucky to have better diseases than the Europeans or they would have suffered the same fate as the population of North America and been completely wiped out.

  39. Steven Hamilton-Healey

    John Blanton oh one more thing. African buildings are holding up even better than the Roman ones. Ever heard of the Pyramids? Phaerohs – Black. Moses – Black. Cleopatra – Black. Read some books, do something other than trying to get your sister pregnant down in kentucky. I know its a family tradition but seriously, its not healthy. Look how you turned out…

  40. George Daniel

    Sjaak van der Velden Hi, thank you for your contribution. I did at one point question the authenticity of the research, but further research on my part somehow convinced me that the Europeans had infact destroyed and hidden from the world much of their atrocities and facts concerning the wealth stolen from the African Cities before their colonization by Europeans. Here is a link to a series on racism that might interest you:

  41. Tom Paine

    On another note, the CDC just released a report that the leading cause of death in the US for young blacks, both male and female, is young black males. Is this what the “blak commoonity” means by “keepin’ it real”?

  42. George Daniel

    Sjaak van der Velden This is not racism; this is self empowerment and looking at the glass half filled. In view of the overt racism that still exist today and the barrage of microagressions we have to contend with on a daily basis, this positive rant should be commended or ignored at least 🙂 .Here is what racism looks like:

  43. Abby Karim

    but cathies you base that statement on history fed to you by europeans in any event….so what is to prove it rue…it can very well be proven false.

  44. Thora Lee

    Cathy glover…..why is it so hard for you to accept the role Europeans played in history? It happened….

  45. Fanon Kwesi

    I’m not expecting any uneducated white with a two neurons Hegelian view on world history to agree with this article. Instead of emitting undocumented a priori questions or teenager’s popular pseudo smart imbecile doubts, you need seriously to start questioning where the sapiens came from. Just starting with climate, one can deduce the origin of civilization. Under glaciation of wurm, there could be no civilization in Europe. So where did you get civilization from? Not under the Ice, homies?
    Arguing that without Europeans Africans would be nothing is as stating that Irish criminal immigrants (and not natives America)are the founding fathers of America. Pure nonsense. You always have a twisted view on world history. Not surprising you are here on this wall with your Bul shit.
    Your problem is you live in your cocoon under your white supremacy propaganda nombrilist education. What happened during what you call middle age, nobody knows. Your scholars can’t even tell. I read folks putting a mystery on Zimbabwe? Aliens right? What about the Moors? What about Timbuktu? What about Ethiopia(Abyssinia) and the land of Kouch with its first Castles? Where they arabs? Let me tell you dudes, that when castles where bult in Abyssinia and Nubia, Islam was not there yet (we know that Islam was the only tool that served as serious political structure to the Arabs, who weren’t that arabs if we investigate in depth. All arabs or whites… if not aliens?
    Look dudes, the temperature in Ancient Egypt before Aristoteles put his name on all Egyptian books, claiming all knowledge in any field, was Black. Cheikh Anta Diop a serious scientist who beat your supremacists pseudo egyptologists in cairo in the seventies (source at UNESCO) proved that ancient Egyptians were black. He even conducted a scientific test on skin fragment of a mummie, with high density of melanin in it as result. The temperature in Egypt the last 5000 years couldn’t allow people to opt for the distinct clothing style we know of the(check the depicted images on egyptian sites yourself). I think with that clothing style of egyptians(naked torso), a white man will end up with skin cancer. See homies? You need to deal with scientific facts. Blacks are your parents you always deny through your sickening racism. Blacks were the first to be civilized. They civilized you. Even the Greek miracle is a hoax. The presocratic greeks adepts were scholars in Ancient Egypt.
    As for zimbabwe, you need to come with scientific evidence who built that site. Builders may be aliens, but we would want to know who they saw first when they came there. I’m definitely sure not you bloody stupid, uneducated white scams.

    Our problem is: we have been to soft to you; to permissive, to tolerant to your wickedness.
    History when studied seriously gives facts not assumptions. With those facts we can state how our contact with the Eurasians was desastrous. I call you Eurasians because climate and geography determine your pigmentation and your modus of surviving. Sure there were internal conflicts in Africa(but then one needs to come with chronological precisions); sure Chaka Zulu was leading war campaigns. But what is Chaka compared to 20 000 years civilization on that continent that made you what you are and still feeding you with all raw materials? Wasn’t Chaka leading wars after you destroyed the cohesion of ancient Kongo kingdom? I’m afraid yes. Go and learn serious facts before jumping on your keyboard emitting your stupid lies.
    The world under western control only 2000 years. Seen what you made of it? As a species, we humans can’t make it another 100 years if we keep following your destructive ways. Anything your ancestors touched was destroyed. So please, don’t say it’s in the essence of humans to be mean. We have a context here. Be specific instead: Europeans were wicked when dealing with their African parents.
    As for history, your whole view needs to be rewritten. Hegel said we don’t have history in Africa. That’s the canon of your view on world history. Fix that one and come back.

    • Erik Wijmeersch

      Why only European needs to feel guilt. See Link.
      Many whites lives in Cocoon true, many does not realise there were many White slaves, taken by ottomans. Fins were slaves by Russian. Flemish by french belgian. 80℅ of European nations never colonised or had ever slaves, but for Black they all guilty. Irish gave 300k slaves to north America. With all respect nobody can Deny whites ended slavery! Beeing that said, we all come from africa if we must believe the Science history. Tbh since Humans learned to write we only see 2 reasons for imigration. 1, climate, 2 because they were murdered and discriminates, african are stronger, 15℅ more testosteron make them better athlete but als More violent, Plain simple, European and asian escaped africa to not get killed long long long time ago….I can’t proof it but to me its the only logic reason why People move, Syrië today is good example.

  46. Feis Mjuni

    Great insight. Again, I think emphasis should not be placed on blaming Europeans for where Africa is today. We should remember even if west powers did those acts, they didn't do it without local help. Any misdeeds had local helpers, and we need to mention this as well. We therefore need to create structures that shape a better future without having to encounter these problems again.

  47. jew boy

    at one point in History all Arabians were black skinned. It was not until Euros started rapping Black women that we have all shades of Arabs. Same goes for Africans imported to America and Brazil. Islam is Turkish in origin and has no relation to the Arabians.

    • Erik Wijmeersch

      Please read the Koran. I did in 3 languages, don’t speak arab, but if needed I asked my friend to Be absolute Sure I did not misunderstood.
      In the Koran and texts multiple Times they write Mohamed was a White dude. Deny this is even punished by death. Mohamed also Said Black slaves worth half price of whites. I don’t say this its in the Koran!

  48. Mpatho Magwaza

    Sjaak van der Velden by all means, you are welcomed. I was just responding to the reply by her majesty Cathie Glover that the article would have been more enjoyable if it had focused on the lost history when the author clearly is crying for his beloved continent.

    • P. Lewis

      Unfortunately, calling somebody a “n.igger” is the best that you people can come up with these days.

  49. Gavin Rash

    Sjaak van der Velden No, not at all. I am just saying that in epidemiology, the tipping point is that moment in time when a small change tips the balance of a system and brings about a large change. Africa is at the tipping point. The momentum gained, if effectively managed, can be strategically moved into a virtuos cycle of growth and enlightenment

  50. Rounwah

    What an incredible article, thank you Mawuna. I look forward to reading more like it! Truly enlightening.

  51. jew boy

    the first landing by christopher in the Bahamas shows the true pattern of Euros. kidnap, occupy, rape, murder & rewrite history. The only thing they respect is an equal opposing reaction. that’s why the only person that the pope in rome, the Queen of England and the pres. of U.S. have to bow down to is a black king Rastafari!!!

  52. jew boy

    To be conquered by Africans means being obsorbed into the tribe. to be conquered by Euros means perpetual murder, rape, miseducation, physical and spiritual lynchings. and after all this I refuse to hate them for it would only give them more space in my thoughts that they do not deserve. they will destroy themselves in time there is much evidence of this fact.

  53. Mpatho Magwaza

    John Blanton Just because your granny told you doesn't make it real. We are tired of being fed by you Europeans, you can keep jesus too.

  54. Sjaak van der Velden

    George Daniel Thanks for the link to this wonderful BBC series. I agree (and already did btw) that many atrocities of colonialism and imperialism have been hidden from official history. But that's something else than saying that Africa was on a higher level of civilization than the rest of the world which the article I reacted on actually implies. The nineteenth century notions of racism seem to have come from a need to justify imperialism. But not only imperialism but also plain capitalism because the white workers of Western Europe were also regarded as a backward 'race' the authorities could easily kill (remember the way the Paris Commune of 1871 was destroyed in blood). Later on the South-Europeans and people from Eastern Europe were also pinpointed as a lower race when they were denied easy access to the USA. And what about the Boers of South Africa who fought British imperialism around 1900. Even these later founders of Apartheid were regarded as belonging to a lesser race than the British and put into concentration camps. So, all I want to stress is that first of all racism isn't just a simple dichotomy in society although I acknowledge that for a certain period the connection was strong between so-called race and the theories that certain people are of lower value than others (remember that slaves in Roman antiquity were also stolen from Northern Europe). But to come back to he actual topic of this posting, I am not convinced that there really existed higher civilisations in sub-Saharan Africa deep into the nineteenth century. Big cities maybe, but what if these existed solely for the purpose of showing the power of kings……But I will look for further proof because it's an intriguing thought. Best Sjaak

  55. Sjaak van der Velden

    But that's the problem Mpatho Magwaza. The study of history (I earn my living as a historian in the Netherlands) shouldn't be about perspectives but about scientific rules. The choosing of a topic may be done from one's perspective (being a working class offspring, I chose working class history, strikes, labour unions etc whether they were whites, blacks, Asians etc.) but the rules of the profession have to be obeyed. So far the author of the article couldn't convince me because he mixes all kinds of periods, throws them in a basket and then a desired result will inevitably come out. I really am interested in this topic but authors have to play by the rule. And frankly I doubt if some African history will ever come out. The continent is much bigger than Europe, there were kings and subordinate people, there were wars between several peoples, slave traders came from the north and later from the west to buy the already enslaved etc etc. It looks like Africa was in fact a 'normal' continent with the good, the bad and the ugly already in it. Just like Asia, America and Europe. Best Sjaak

    • Sifelani

      The authors have to play by the rules you made. Fuck your rules

  56. Caxito Crisfel

    Sjaak van der Velden you might be right, there are few blacks as well that forget the difference between racism and fight for his own rights, but you can't ignore the fact that there are many White people still think that slavery was a process that needs to be done and so on…this is the wrong part but to be honest for Africa to recover will need more than just simple ideas in FB or any other social network

  57. Caxito Crisfel

    I think what is important for us Africans is to realized that slavery took many things away from us, like our culture and mostly our history but it can not be the end.
    because there is no explanation for what was done in Africa, even if the African were in a War against each other, but it doesn't give the right for any other human come to give it as an excuse( European had war between them selves as well and very nasty war world war 1 and 2), so it didn't mean that the Japanese and Germany from Hitler had to do slavery all over Europe, Napoleon was also another example of European wars, so they fought and that was it no African or Asian went there to take it as an excuse to justify what was done in Africa it shows what few Europeans have in their little mind but let not generalize it to all Europeans because there are many that has human heart. and today acknowledged wrong doing of their ancestry.
    It took centuries for Europe and America be where they are it will take time for Africans to reach their target( to develop at all levels), but first we need to stop copy past and find our own solution I know globalization is something that can slow Africa development as well, so we need to invest first in our own Schools( Schools in Africa so we can have our own idea to do things in our cities based in our reality we can copy the good examples from other developed countries, we need also to accept that we need to be humble to learn from our mistakes in the past and to learn with those who are ahead in terms of technology, universities.
    we need to find something that will drive us the same thing that drove Timbuktu to reach that level, so as Egypt empire, Ghana Empire, empire songai and all other good examples that can be taken at least to give that hope, faith and motivations it helps to discover where our weakness and strongest point so we can work on the weak side to improve.
    stop saying strong words to each other it won't make Africa a great place that it was in the once…it will only hurt each other by using strong words or offensive statement.
    we have a long way to go while we argue the train keep going…
    all the best and love each other…

  58. Caxito Crisfel

    John Blanton I think what is important for us Africans is to realized that slavery took many things away from us, like our culture and mostly our history but it can not be the end.
    because there is no explanation for what was done in Africa, even if the African were in a War against each other, but it doesn't give the right for any other human come to give it as an excuse( European had war between them selves as well and very nasty war world war 1 and 2), so it didn't mean that the Japanese and Germany from Hitler had to do slavery all over Europe, Napoleon was also another example of European wars, so they fought and that was it no African or Asian went there to take it as an excuse to justify what was done in Africa it shows what few Europeans have in their little mind but let not generalize it to all Europeans because there are many that has human heart. and today acknowledged wrong doing of their ancestry.
    It took centuries for Europe and America be where they are it will take time for Africans to reach their target( to develop at all levels), but first we need to stop copy past and find our own solution I know globalization is something that can slow Africa development as well, so we need to invest first in our own Schools( Schools in Africa so we can have our own idea to do things in our cities based in our reality we can copy the good examples from other developed countries, we need also to accept that we need to be humble to learn from our mistakes in the past and to learn with those who are ahead in terms of technology, universities.
    we need to find something that will drive us the same thing that drove Timbuktu to reach that level, so as Egypt empire, Ghana Empire, empire songai and all other good examples that can be taken at least to give that hope, faith and motivations it helps to discover where our weakness and strongest point so we can work on the weak side to improve.
    stop saying strong words to each other it won't make Africa a great place that it was in the once…it will only hurt each other by using strong words or offensive statement.
    we have a long way to go while we argue the train keep going…
    all the best and love each other

  59. Gavin Rash

    Caxito Crisfel True on this part, and I quote "to be honest for Africa to recover will need more than just simple ideas in FB or any other social network" Also just to clarify, we are not "blacks" we are African 🙂 I saw how you call yourself " White people" PEOPLE. Anyway social media is very powerful to get a message across, it is only but a mere tool to disseminate information and mobilise the coalition of the willing.

  60. Kani Tuyala

    Sjaak van der Velden "I am not convinced that there really existed higher civilisations in sub-Saharan Africa deep into the nineteenth century" 1. You have to think about if their eventually exist more interpretations of "civilisation" than your own, agreed? 2. Would you be "convinced" when the author had stated that these civilisations were not "higher" but equal? Surely this would also have caused you some headaches… I'm sure you also wouldn't call a white author a 'white supremacist' full of "ideological illusions" (reference to one of your statements further above) when he e.g. writes that ancient Egypt was 'white' or that 'there existed higher civilisations in Europe deep into the nienteenth century'. You surely wouldn't even find it neccessary to comment as much as you do here… It's interesting how white people ALWAYS tend to speak of "black racism" and "shouldn't we better try to live together as equals" (reference to one of your statements further above), when black folks begin to realize their real history, resp. potential, then of course become angry as they awake (which the author you reacted to, did not even talk about), and start talking of empowerment and self-awareness. The opposite is true, racism and unequality in the sense of the one being superior to the other 'race', was an invention of the white man and let to the decline of African nations. Therefore your statements are at best kind of insulting not to say cheeky. These "black racism" and "equality" phrases are devious tricks of the past that are not working any longer.

  61. Steven Hamilton-Healey

    Sjaak van der Velden I think it is too soon to live as equals, its like the germans saying to the jews 'never mind what we did, get over it, lets move on' but on a far far greater scale. Look at south africa and the atrocities the dutch and british committed, making hitlers deeds pale in comparison. Reparations need to be made and the white europeans need to pay for the wickedness of their forefathers. Much of the genocide and torture are still within living memory. it is far far too soon to think its time to move on. Let the people heal first.

  62. Gavin Rash

    Steven Hamilton-Healey I beg to differ. Africa has long suffered from poor perception globally. This has unfortunately had a terrible impact on the Continent, withAfricans seeing themselves in the manner they are perceived by others, Slavery, colonialism, third world, paternalism are terminologies we should not allow to hold us back. We have to move on! We cannot change the past but we can design and build our future. This mindset needs to be changed and replaced. african countries need to place people's mindsets and reputation at the core of their development goals.

  63. Kani Tuyala

    Cathie Glover, one question.. Where did the author "blame Europeans on all your problems" or "blame[d] everything on the white man". Text evidence please. Too bad you didn't enjoy the article.. Would an article about white/arab ancient egypt have pleased you more? It would surely not lead to such an offended outcry..

  64. Iheoma Theresa

    In the bible, they described Satan and made us to believe that it is spirit, but if you open your eyes very wide, you will see them in human flesh.

    • Andy

      Yeah we don’t want to sit back now and feeling great, perhaps our ancestors were great but how come they didn’t stop those white men? there were only a handful of them. How could they have just destroyed an entire city completely without resistance? Countries in east Europe were under Ottoman yoke for more than 500yrs but their historical buildings are still standing. How come we so many graduates of in engineering in West Africa and yet biggest country there don’t have electricity and running water? Did the white men destroy their brains while they were in engineering colleges? The white man did a terrible job in Africa and that terrible job is called religion. Throw them back that religion and your eyes will open. The world is not run by spiritual power rather technical power. Drop your religious books and learn some technical skills. Stop blaming the white man after all Ethiopia was never colonized and how great are they today?

  65. Jay

    LOL Delusions of grandeur

    Deep down in the dark Peruvian jungle you can hear the familiar call of BULLSHIT!!!BULLSHIT!!!

    • Pat

      Still it remains that the divided and conquere policies that were used during European colononisation is now blowing in our faces. Destabilizing the Middle-East to get hold of their ressources created the mess that exists now in the Middle-East.

  66. Chaney Brooks

    There's so many wars and disparities started of the hand of whites it's kinda hard not to assume they had something to do with this as well.

  67. Christopher Sarama

    African nations and cities are all cesspools of violence and filth. Haiti was given over to Africans they destroyed it. We rebuilt it 5 times. They destroyed it each time. Africans where handed over many colonial cities. The African National Council has failed to upkeep these cities and stop them from being overran with crime. Not to mention African cities in the United States such Detroit , Atlanta and Jacksonville all of them are crime ridden shit holes.

    Africans make all of these claims of being civilized and superior but everywhere you go that is owned by them you see crime , poverty and savagery. Once white nations are out of welfare money to send Africa the Africans countries will quickly descend into chaos.

    • P. Lewis

      This board is being hijacked by white alt-right scum who can’t have sex with their own women.

  68. Gbadebo P Rhodes-Vivour

    Very strange that @cathie glover below focuses on timbuktu when the author in NO WAY attributed the fall of Timbuktu to Europeans…. It was a mere mention of a greatness that most history books don't acknowledge and also a means to put the literary prowess of Africa in context. Your comment would be a lot more relevant if you actually provided alternative view points ON WHAT HE SAID WAS DESTROYED BY EUROPEANS… e.g the destruction of the palace in Benin and all the bronzes currently in the British museum. There was no "soap box moment of hate" in this article like you allege..and if you don't like the facts then…. but rather than be a distraction kindly refute the CLAIMS he made. and stop belittling the babaric damage Europe has had on several continents and indigenous people… i doubt this article was made for peoples enjoyment. especially as it would be impossible for you to understand that African children are still being taught in school that mungo park discovered river Niger and Christopher Columbus discovered America. It is also a great learning resource for people that ignorantly believe as i have seen in comments below that africa was in darkness, did not have wheels or books and imagine all advanced strides were influenced by Arabs? such stupidity…this type of ignorant stupidity come from people who most likely have never traveled outside their country, have never been to Africa and think that all the garbage out of Fox news the Smithsonian, National Geographic as well as Hollywood movies are true.arguing with such low intellects is extremely irritating since they cant explain the rock hewn churches of Ethiopia the great walls of Zimbabwe built by the Shona the kemet, Kush and Nok empires as well as the ruins IN THE ARTICLE of ancient ghana, the brass works of Benin and Ife… refreshing read well done Silicon Africa…To be fair we Africans need to learn a thing or 2 from Europeans..which is they tell their story full of bias to further their agenda and call it "HIS-tory" without justifying or needing validation from us. It is time to tell Our-story and quite honestly,…their opinions are of no consequence or relevance.

  69. Bui Dahng

    Crackers will pay for what they done. It's only a matter of time before karma catches up with them. There is not a single race on this planet the white man has not subjugated. A truly cancerous race that must be destroyed immediately

  70. wole olaoye

    I marvel at the ease with which some closet racists brush aside any mention of the slave trade which destroyed African civilisation as it was known hundreds of years ago. The truth is that your ancestors built your prosperity on the blood of my ancestors. What would you have said if the shoe had been on the other foot – i.e. if Africans had been the enslavers of Europe? Many of my white friends agree with what French President Chirac said. I am not one to hold on to the past, but in moving forward only a fool ignores how and why he arrived at his present position. I have absolutely no ill feelings towards whites nor would I hold the sins of their ancestors against them. But don’t add salt to injury by denying facts of history which you can verify in your European libraries. It is time for all of us – black, white or in-between to acknowledge the facts of history and chart a way for a future based on racial harmony and equality. Perhaps a good way to start is to return the thousands of priceless artefacts stolen from Africa by Europeans, especially the British. Any doubters? Visit your museums and ask how they came about those artefacts. Stealing does not become legal simply because the crime is hundreds of years old.

  71. Bandile Mpukwana

    The whites still owns luxurious stuff whilst our fellow black Africans busy working for the ass holes. I am so hurt about this story and if there is heaven I don't think they will ever see it. Shit

  72. Shahar Harari

    Evidently some here (like Cathy) don't know her HISTORY. In 1591 the Berbers helped the British to go onto the Songhai Empire via North Afriqa and conquer it. The Arabisized Berber Muslims collabarated with the europeans to bring down the great empire. europeans had gunpowder first and thats was to their benefit in colonizing Afriqa.

  73. Abby Karim

    i had written this some time before reading the article above – basically it has a corroborating meaning, but i used a different slant

    Christianity more to blame for ISIS than any other group!
    So this opening will provoke but history shall prove it true.
    Many think of the dark ages as a time long gone – a bad past for “radical” or even “terrorist” Christianity. But the ideology that motivated “crusades” of those days still exist today – and existed well during the years when Europe decided it would colonise the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the rest. And the main ideology that was perpetuated in these regions was that “Christian Europe” was superior physically, socially, morally and spiritually over all these lands they colonised.
    Strangely enough, the majority of these lands that they pillaged, and took claim to and “owned” were lands that were mainly inhabited by Muslims. In the process, the “Moral white man” saw it best to destroy any books, knowledge, systems of education and religion that were not “Christian” and written in a “Latin” based word. In some countries the damage was so immense that entire empires were erased almost from history itself as “the white man” imposed his will over all that their eyes surveyed. One of the best examples of these was Mali and Timbuktu. For those informed, it is no news to them that Mali was at one time the gem of Africa – not the impoverished country it is today. It was also the centre of Islamic studies and knowledge for most of Africa at that time. The libraries and schools here were renowned for their teachings (all in Arabic) of religion, science, math, Islamic Philosophy etc. – the scholarship was immense.
    When the Europeans finally took Mali not only did they take all the natural resources of the land (especially the gold they sought after) but they also saw it fit to destroy the “Barbaric” education system and the “primitive” language. They saw it fit to destroy all the texts and learning institutions in Mali and a great piece of Islamic history erased – even Muslims today are completely unaware of it. A superior “European” method of edification was introduced and thus was this land destroyed in a way that it has never since been able to recover from.
    This pattern – for those serious about history, or those willing to seek the truth – was repeated all over the “Muslim world” with the exception of very few places. Ironically, the mental slavery that was forced upon mankind at that time has never been removed from the minds of the masses till this day. Most of the world today reads history only in the eyes of the “white man – the west – the crusading Europeans.” Subconsciously without realising it we all succumb to the notion that what we learn as history from birth till now is true. That science and medicine is all taught in English. That the system of “ABC..” is the global standard – like the American dollar – it is infallible. What history fails to remind us is that this “standard” was only imposed upon us – and canonised when those Europeans destroyed all the texts they saw as “inferior and primitive.” How many would look for a book on medicine and innovation that is written and dialogued fully in Arabic? With processes and terminologies and hypothesis and results and references all in Arabic? Very few of us will – and unfortunately we are without choice, for these books and resources and thousands like it have all been destroyed for the most part.
    So what does this have to do with my opening, and ISIS.?
    Islam is a religion of Knowledge. It’s not a faith where we can just say “we believe” and everything will fall in place. In fact, knowledge and its seeking is a cornerstone of Islam. This a very important because Islam as a religion is like a computer among typewriters. Anyone wanting to use it should learn its use – or else it is basically useless. When the knowledge system of Islam is brunt and torn and bombed etc, all that is left in its place is room for traditions, mistakes, and misguidance. From the crusades till now, that has been the struggle of main stream Islam – to return the right teaching of Islam to its owners. Yet even as we try to meet that goal we continue to battle modern day crusades. The CIA who deliberately trains men to teach radical Islam, the bombing and closing of “Madrassa” and the frauds like Malala and the like – encouraging us to learn: but to learn the “European” crap – with no consideration for Islamic edification!
    All that replaces the void are untamed emotions, radicals and radicalisers and these being fuelled by the continuous war on Islam that in whatever form it has morphed into today, has never ended since the crusades!

    • Erik Wijmeersch

      400 years before European first cruisades muslims invaded Spain, french, so I would Be carefull about cruisades! !
      Whole middle East was christians, they got butchered, the only Egyptian People today with DNA from the time of the pharaos are the koptic christians. Istanbul true name is Constantinopel! The most Holly Church for orthodoxe christians is in turke and moslims disrespect by turning it into a museum.

      See Link. Muslims and slavery, blacks and slavery.


  74. Sjaak van der Velden

    Kani Tuyala years ago I studied ancient history at Leiden university and I really don´t remember any textbook stating that the ancient Egyptians were white. They were Egyptians and we students supposed that the Egyptians were similar to nowadays Egyptians, hence brown people. I really don´t get a headache if somebody tells me that other civilizations than the ´European civilization´ were at certain stages of their development similar or equal. I am aware of the discussions about the reasons why the west developed while other parts of the world (Chinese, meso-American and African if you like) stayed behind. And surely I don't mind calling writers 'white supremacist' if they are, why should I. But do you deny that there is anything like black racism, or yellow racism? Anyway, the only thing I wanted to stress is that there are scientific rules one has to obey when writing history, whether it being African, European, American, working-class history or the history of racial relations. And the author may try to strengthen black empowerment but that's something completely different from writing history. In my opinion this is not an insult. And surely I would write the same comment if someone wrote that civilization only developed in the West (and some racists did as we both know). Best Sjaak

  75. Robert Murray

    Correct. The Afrocentrists live in fairytale land. They make up stories so they can feel superior. Europeans could not have demolished tens of thousands of buildings and not leave a trace of them. These buildings never existed apart from the ones in North Africa and the Horn of Africa. It is a fairytale.

  76. Robert Murray

    Correct. The Afrocentrists live in fairytale land. They make up stories so they can feel superior. Europeans could not have demolished tens of thousands of buildings and not leave a trace of them. These buildings never existed apart from the ones in North Africa and the Horn of Africa. It is a fairytale.

    • P. Lewis

      Robert Murray, keep dreaming, keep thinking the world was created by Walt Disney. It’s okay. You can have your white fairy tales.

    • Joe

      Robert Murray, bro… These ruins still exist today. A simple google search would show you. As someone who has traveled a good bit of Africa, I can attest to this. There are many architectural wonders to be found. It is simply impossible to have so many people living on one continent only to have achieved nothing in terms of science, art, literature, and architecture. It’s simply impossible.

      Now I don’t know why everyone is finding it so hard to believe that ,despite their wealth and glory, the African kingdoms were unable to fend off the invaders. Firstly it is stated in the article that the Europeans were welcomed into their cities – Though more evidence on this would be nice, it is not so hard to believe once you know the history of how the Americas were dominated. Secondly, it is highly unlikely that they were equipped to deal with the weaponry of the Europeans. Let us not forget what happened in South America. Was it not full of powerful kingdoms that also fell to foreign invaders?

      Now for those who use the argument that most of these cities were built by Arabs, you are wrong. While there may have been some influence, countries like Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, The Congo, and South Africa were far removed from any Arab influence. Yet we still see remains of massive kingdoms. The downfall of which occurred for many reasons, probably. But ask your self; if you were trying to subjugate an entire nation and rob them of their power and resources for generations to come, how would you do this? By taking away their culture, history, and achievements, essentially stunting growth for years to come, would probably be a good place to start. The fact that Africa is STILL being plundered (And if you doubt this, look into the civil wars currently being funded by western powers for the purpose of mining resources illegally) is a good indication of how badly the invaders needed this to happen.

      It’s useless pointing fingers. What matters now is moving forward, TOGETHER, in a spirit of truth. As a note to the Author, I would only recommend that you take more time to site your sources. Unfortunately “A traveler said this” or “A nobleman said that” doesn’t really count as a viable source of information from an academic standpoint. If need be, I would advise even providing the source material the authors used in the books you quote, so that those of us who would like to press these points and further our research have a reliable foundation to go off. Lastly, I feel like pursuing the goal of “returning Africa to its rightful place at the top” Is a foolish goal. Not because it is impossible, but because it once again contributes to an ideology based on segregation and an “I’m better than you” kind of mindset. We are all the same species, superiority amongst races is not to be found. Still, I appreciate all the hard work you have done so far, keep it up 🙂

  77. Christian Mengele

    Hilarious, not even the Onion reaches this level of comedy. Anyway, good thing this is all in the past so you guys can go forward. Good luck with the African Space Program. 😉

  78. Bui Dahng

    Sjaak van der Velden Funny how you whites want to skirt punishment by demanding the same equality and human rights that you've denied every single race on this planet at one point. Nice try. Your race will receive justice whether you like it or not. You've already had your fun, now it's time to pay the piper

  79. Joshua Otieno

    Even today the Europeans and the US are to blame, I cant seem to recall any other war ir massacres in Africa or middle east where the CIA and their ilks are not behind the scenes

  80. Joshua Otieno

    Sjaak, you find it hard to believe africans could have a higher civilization than Europe..why is knowledge a preserve of whites only…that sounds to me like white supremacy right there…the history that you learnt and rely on, who is to say that thwy were not written by white supremacists

  81. Philip Osamudiame Akoda

    Nice article…. but if You really want to find those manuscripts… Start from calabar… you'll be suprised, i bet… :-)… but there really is no need of blaming whites completly… most africans sold their freedom of speech for the treasures of europe….

  82. Per Rea

    @Joshua Otieno: "Africans having a higher civilization than Europe". Hahahahaha

  83. Sjaak van der Velden

    Joshua can you point the sentence where I wrote that only whites possess knowledge? Are you sure that my textbooks were only written by whites? And for your information a few years ago I published an internet book on strikes (you can easily find it online) for which I worked together with others including someone from Ghana. I judged his contribution only on the scientific value of his writing and not on the colour of his skin. I try to have an open mind to all knowledge and if some part of Africa was some time in the past on a higher level of civilization than Europe, I don't have a problem with that. I don't understand why you think opposite.

  84. Kabemba Akilimali

    Sjaak van der Velden ,bien mes frere ne perde pas les temp pour rien , atandez et voir ce que le temp ns amene . rien n'est sera comme avant car tout change et tout vas changer .

  85. Joshua Otieno

    Sjaak, your statement about sub saharan Africa not having a higher civilizations and only having big cities implies that there is no way africans vould be better than Europe interms of civilisation, nway could you provide more details on tue book you wrote, it would be interesting to read it

  86. Sjaak van der Velden

    Joshua, the link to the publication is http://socialhistory.org/nl/publications/striking-numbers
    And again, I don't mind or oppose that in Africa great civilizations might have occurred (like in Egypt of course) but I see no proof in the article this whole discussion started with. The fact that I'm white (pink describes me better I think) does not prevent me from accepting that people with other skin colours can make and have made great achievements. After all, it's the mind that matters in this respect and not pigmentation.

    • P. Lewis

      Sjaak, you don’t see these achievements because you never bothered to do the fucking research. And since you clearly have a brain (unlike these redneck losers out there), your ignorance is totally inexcusable.

  87. Ara Ado

    John Blanton You are so thick and uneducated. What level of education do you have? Where you dropped on the head, when you were a baby? You have never visited Sub Saharan African countries, so stop saying things you are not sure about. I have been to Ghana four times, and I have never seen mud huts before. Only a very small minority of Ghanaians live in mud huts. I saw a lot of them living in nice beautiful villas and houses. Only a small minority of West Africans live in mud hurts. Don't forget they were black Romans. A Black Roman Emperor once ruled Britain. Now you have made yourself look stupid.

  88. Fanon Kwesi

    Dear people,
    Waste not your time on those western uneductaed privileged assholes. Their lecture isn’t even causal.
    African destroyed Haiti? Go heal from your mal-thinking syndrom with a proper education, in lieu of that propaganda you get in universities here. Africa at this present days is down, yes people are lost, have no perspective. But historically spoken Africa gave civilization to ancient Greece. You can’t define African history with a contemporary description. The other foolish ndesirable reptile who was saying that History should be scientifically rules, could also underline what wasn’t not scientific in the article. It’s always when you got an intellectual punch on your uneducated evil faces that you suddenly remember science.

    Besides, most Africans selling their freedom of speech for comfort in Europe: TRUE!
    But let me remind you that this article is about history. Not What Africans are doing nowadays. The destruction of our cities is under the full responsibility of the Assyrians-Eurasians.
    Produce your contrary evidences and stop emitting shit.
    Dealing with facts isn’t about finding a convention.
    You deal with Africans rediscovering their past. Ignore us and go fix your ill societies with their “atomized” individuals.

  89. George Annandale

    What I find odd is the fact that the author seems to use wikipedia as reference, which we all know does contain factual mistakes since the public can edit article. if he wanted to write a factual piece he should have tried using archaeological and anthropological sources that have been proven factual. With proper scientific and historical evidence the article can be construed as fictional and possibly with a hidden agenda.

    • George Annandale

      Sorry made a spelling mistake in my last sentence. It was meant to read Without proper scientific and historical evidence the article can be construed as fictional and possibly with a hidden agenda.

  90. Dave

    What were the black people doing in their native lands 700, 600, 500,400,300,200, 100,50,25,2 years ago, and here we are today every time I turn on the tv some kind of hand out is headed to africa. Why is this? Why are blacks so needy? Africa is agriculturally rich, it has every precious and semi-precious stone known to man, petroleum, gold, and copper and the list goes on and on. With all of this going for it plus the great black man that dwells there, why do they need anything from the outside world. Out of the 54 countries on the african continent a least one of them should be a super power. Why is it that little countries like(to name a few) Iceland, Finland, England and other European countries that don’t have the natural resources that africa does do so much better and always have?

  91. Dave

    Think about these questions for a minute. What would africa look like without European intervention? If africans were capable of building great cities once, wouldn’t they still be building them? How would Africans be living without European technology and medicines? If the Africans and their countries were so great why do they all want to move to European lands.

    • Tokunboh

      I refer you to “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” by John Perkins. It will answer your question.

  92. Biram

    What woulb be europe without africa? What was europe in the past (7er til 14 century) What woulb Europe today which has nothing but africa where they come and take what ever they need?
    Africa had gold(kankan musa pilgram, justice: read ibn battuta, big kings like the negus: first muslim asylum in Abyssina) etc… and the Europeen come and kill people, destruct, rape and falsifie the history from egpyt to mozambik. Atrocities are still going on.

  93. Valhalla

    People are soo stupid that today is challenge to be stupid. They ate trying to make Africa like they were 2000 years ahead the rest of the world when 98% of lived wild life.

  94. African in America

    Stunning and well organized! I personally have just woken up to the reality that my ancestry and greatness has been hidden in plain site. I live in a country where being proud of ones heritage is frowned upon. They say. “You’re American”. By birth, I am, but all of the other groups here can refer to an ancestral background. We’re led to believe we were all slaves when we got here. This claim isn’t true. The evidence was left behind by the Olmec and the Moors. Those people are now what we would call African Americans, South Americans, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Haitians, Eskimos. Basically anybody Brown or Black who is NOT descendant from the European invaders. They will never admit they found Skeletal remains (even though we know they did) or give us access to them because if the DNA of the Olmec and the pre European invasion Moors was compared to the average Black, Hispanic or Ancestral Asian. They would know the jig is up. 95% of the blacks in the US are not related to the slaves that were stolen from Africa. They are most likely descendants of the Olmec(Egyptian), Moors(Ethiopian), Asian Mongols and pre Columbian European explorers who stayed and were getting along just fine. The effort to distort, erase or slant history only serves to mis-inform the gullible and unconcerned. Since the Albino discovered us 5000 years ago. Its been nothing but jealousy, murder and mayhem. Hundreds of millions of deaths later. His thirst for blood and riches has not been satisfied. He’s effectively conquered the world and anyone of color is no longer a threat militarily. Now we get to sit back and watch him cannibalize his allies in our destruction and ultimately his own children, because for him there is no (soul) therefore no peace or satisfaction in anything. Its about MORE MORE MORE. Beware of Christian Missionaries. Everywhere they have gone in to “Liberate, educate or help the so-called poor”. Every place in every nation with the exception of a few, is under their control in the name of “their god”. The places where its not. We currently have some kind of conflict. Coincidence? Of course it is.

    Peace and keep teaching!!

  95. paafio

    Just recently they burned down Angola before they left with no money in the bank .remember it very well

    • Tokunboh

      Just a side note. Angola, helped by Fidel Castro’s Cuban forces defeated the American-backed apartheid forces of South Africa. In the ceasefire agreement, Angola made sure that Namibian independence was a condition of the talks. Recently, crude oil was discovered in Angola, Portugal, their former colonizer, who is now broke, was bailed out of their recession by Angola….hahahaha!!!! Meanwhile America is trying to get back into the good graces of Angola. Vive Africa!!

  96. Curtis Batiste

    What pink person would post a black Juses to their friends and family name one pink person. This is degrading the strength of a strong people whom is murder by people who look like your jesus hell no not me………………

  97. AfricaNeedsToOwnItsResources

    By the Europeans comments alone Africans should know in order to revive the continent there must be no 100% in any European, don’t care how ‘liberal’ they seem, they all are engaged some type of denial or pretence of what occurred. I noticed the article mentioned many cities were not destroyed by whites but Europeans later looted and burnt them even abandoned ones and denied that Africans could have build many cities and structures but many whites have flipped it to suggest you claimed Europeans directly invaded these cities when they thrived. Typical.

    Europeans know that in order to have what they have today they did what they did in the past, if their economy fails I guarantee you there will be no ‘liberals’, no economic aid for African countries, there will be direct invasions as Europeans have maintained their military advantage over Africans and their true nature will resurface.

    African countries must begin to build for their own, block outside ownership of primary resources, develop diverse economies and stop relying on monolithic economic trade of one or two resource to Western Europe and North America, development of modern infrastructure, large and skilled workforces to create the right economic conditions for African scientists to work and not run of to England or Germany, manufacturing must develop rapidly or Africans engineers must grasp onto 3D printing (which I believe will be the future) so they create this economic and physical infrastructure and later develop large native service sectors (removal of free trade ideals). Africa was once great, it can be resurrected once again if African economic, political and social leaders work to create powerful economies and develop strong armies to defend the wealth, no need to pillage others like the white man, just a need to hold onto and defend what is rightfully yours, kicking out ‘multinational corporations’ and taking back African land from foreign landowners then banding together with nearby nations to create better conditions trade is a start.

    • mpetert

      Great article, many things in here are interesting.
      I hope that they someday unearth these cities that are buried.
      I have no doubt that there was an advanced civilization in most of Africa. Im just shocked that the Europeans were unable to erase Egypts history from the African continent as well. I boggles my mind that the Christians let Egypt’s cities stand. Why would the do such a thing? They lost their will to destroy? how come the remnants of these other cities exist? ugh


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